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Be careful to check the year of publication before making purchases.  We are not sure if you would want to read old directories because the information may be out dated.  However, the choices are here for you just incase you do have interest in these childrenswear industry guides.  Again, check the details carefully to make sure to get the guide that is appropriate.  You may find more current children's clothing guides from a different place.  We will do our best to keep this list updated when we find new children's clothing directories, but we make no guarantee.  If you find newer kids clothing guides, just let us know and we will add them.

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Children's Wear Buyers

  • Women's and Children's Wear Buyers, 2010-2011
  • The National Register of Apparel Manufacturers: Women & Children's Wear, Seventh Edition This directory gives full company information on nearly 4,000 apparel manufacturers in the United States. Detailed information includes: company details and officers, fax numbers, year established, dollar volume, number of employees, price range, type of activity including whether the company sells licenses, what type of garments produced, the fabrics used, and other labels affiliated with the company. The directory is fully indexed for easy cross-reference.
  • Women's and Children's Wear Buyers 2008-2009 Published by Salesmans Guide.  Whether you're just beginning in the women's or children's apparel market or looking to revitalize your business, the information in Women's & Children's Wear Buyers can help you achieve your goals. With over 13,500 key executives and buyers so you can reach the decision-makers without wasting your valuable time talking to the wrong people. Each listing in the Women's & Children's Wear Buyers Directory includes key information such as: Contact names and titles, Type of merchandise bought, Number of stores, Street & P.O. Box addresses, Phone & fax numbers, Website and e-mail addresses.
  • Women's & Children's Wear Buyers 1998 (Women's and Children's Wear Buyers)
  • Directory of Women's and Children's Wear Specialty Store, 1993Women's and Children's Wear Buyers Metropolitan New York Directory, 1999Nationwide Directory of Women's and Children's Wear and Fashion Accessories Buyers, 1991Women's and Children's Wear and Fashion Accessories Buyers Nationwide Directory, 1990 (Exclusive of New York Metropolitan Area)

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If you were not looking for a Childrenswear Clothing Guide or Directory, maybe you were looking for a Womenswear Guide or Menswear Guide.  Your were probably looking for childrenswear, but now you have other choices.

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