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   Angels With Attitude  : retailer of girls t-shirts. The idea of Angels with Attitude was conceived in the summer of 2001. A mother of two, Tessa Knox was always looking for the perfect gift to reflect the independent spirit of the "angels" in our lives. Tessa lovingly handcrafts each product with the finest materials to withstand the wear and tear of today's angels.

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  Baby Rock Apparel : Baby Rock Apparel was created out of the necessity to clothe little "Conley" in trendy baby clothes. Given the limited offering of stylish infant and toddler clothing, they decided to design a simple, but cool line of onesie gift sets and t-shirts to help fill the void in the market. Their line continues to evolve, so check back with them often to see their latest creations. Baby Rock Apparel can now be found in over a 100 boutiques in the United States and Canada.

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  Baby Tease  Every shirt is screen-printed by hand (and with gentle care...). Sure, it's more labor intensive, but they like having a hand in making each shirt that goes out the door. Since they are not machines, slight variations are possible. By the way, they screen print because they have found that iron-ons and other printing processes create an inferior product. All the shirts are 100% cotton with the small exception of the grey one, which is 90% cotton, 10% polyester.

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  BenJamminKids  : they are proud to offer you the highest quality hand-made TyeDye clothing for kids & baby. One-of-a-kind Tie Dye baby clothes shipped to you, direct from their production studio in San Francisco, California, USA. Every BenJamminKids tye dye baby clothing product starts its life as a high quality garment from respected names like Gerber, and American Apparel. Inside their studio the 100% cotton baby clothes are infused with love, care, and most importantly vivid tie dye color. Their tye dyeing process uses the highest quality fiber-reactive dye which ensures colorfastness and long-lasting durability. Their tie dye Garments are triple-washed and guaranteed not to bleed or fade. Every tye dye/tie dye piece of baby clothing is unique, and colorfully hand dyed by their team of artists. Children's Tye Dye t-shrits.

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  Dribble Factory : Dribblefactory : was launched in 2003, their designs are mainly influenced by their life experiences, and will ring true for most adults. Many designs, take inspiration from the likes of road warning signs, movie slogans and general cliches - all still managing to retain an air of innocence. Director of, Tara Stow, decided to start the company when looking for something a bit different for her own baby. "I found that either the t-shirts weren't of a good enough quality or that they could have been a lot more creative. The team and I feel we've created a stylish, quality, affordable product with just that little bit extra attitude". Since launching, they have been so well received that they have expanded and improved their product. The new collection equals the very high standards they have always set, but now includes long sleeved bodysuits, baseball tops (white body panel and colored sleeves) and short sleeved t-shirts. They sourced a new range of garments which are more generous in size (a direct response to customer feedback) and they also increased their size range up to 3yrs.

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  Ellabee Baby  The concept behind Ellabee Baby began before my daughter Isabella could even crawl. Having quickly grown tired of dressing her in bland, mass-merchandise clothing; The owner of this company decided to create her own designs all of which she found whimsical, unique and simply adorable. To her surprise she wasn't the only one. The more she designed the more inquiries she received. Soon requests from friends and family poured in for birthday and baby shower gifts. Three years later she has a full line of designs that she would now like to share with you and your loved ones.

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  EmmDesign : EmmDesign was established in 1999 in London when she couldn't find any cool, fun t-shirts for her new son. She started hand-painting her designs and selling them at Spitalfields Market, East London, but as demand exceeded the speed of her paint brush she now produce a range of brightly colored 100% cotton baby and childrens' clothes with my graphic designs screen-printed, and felt designs hand-sewn, onto them. The Next Big Thing by EmmDesign is ethical clothes for children with fun designs & bright cotton colors. She only use sweatshop-free production because minimum wages, no child labour & good working conditions are basic human rights. She does not want children to wear clothes made by children or adults working in poor conditions, unfortunately common in the fashion industry.

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  Focoloco  : In 2003 Focoloco was started with a heat press, a few dozen shirts and an arsenal of fantastic designs. Despite having very little start up money they have always been dedicated to creating clothing that was 100% sweatshop free and made in the USA, even if that meant spending a bit more. They use only the best garments, manufactured by American Apparel, a sweatshop-free company with excellent environmental and employment policies. Their company is a small, family run affair.

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  Franceebaby  : FranceeBaby was founded by Francee Williams, a stay-at-home-mom who decided to start the company after searching on the internet for interesting t-shirts to put on her daughter. She found many shops that sell t-shirts for children with sarcastic humor or t-shirts with an adult theme. While it is fun to have a "cool" t-shirt for your child, there seemed to be a shortage of t-shirts with positive messsages. So FranceeBaby was born. Their mission is to have their designs speak to a positive and uplifting theme. Their goal is provide an alternative to "cool baby" themes and the usual "baby themes" of teddy bears and small animals.

  Green Tea Baby : Chinese inspired tees for girls, infants through adults.

  I Can Fly  : Their mission is to design uplifting, multicultural, character-driven kids clothing and accessories. Mom, artist and owner Doris Oswald-Burrell was hit by a creative spark when her biracial daughter was about to be born. Wondering how life would change and what challenges would arise, she decided to do what she does best: draw, draw and draw. Possessing a degree in art education, she finally returned to her own roots and launched the kids apparel company I can fly. in 2002. Their main line, "I can fly.", is headed by Paula Bean AKA The Girl Jumping on the Bed. Paula Bean and her gang are real. They are the kids in our neighborhoods--black, white, interracial, Asian, Hispanic, etc!

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  Jeeto : Los Angeles design company designing a line of infant, toddler and children's t-shirts.

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  Lilhellraisers : Lil Hailraisers : designed for kids with attitude. Punk Rock T-shirts for Children.

  Little Lefties  : Little Lefties is a children's clothing company dedicated to making a difference by teaching children to value themselves, the future, and the world around them. They started this company so that they could raise awareness in children and adults alike about matters that will ultimately impact their futures: the environment, believing in dreams, empowering little girls, the importance of education, and overall positive values. They are passionate about making a change in the world, and there's no better place to start than with those who are just beginning to learn how to make healthy decisions. They believe that children are never too young to start learning about important issues that directly affect them. Teaching a child to love herself, to reach for his dreams, or to care about the health of our planet at a young age can really make a big difference not only in the child's life, but also in their surrounding environment. These valuable lessons can stick with the child for a lifetime. And ... they practice what they preach! At Little Lefties, they do everything they can to ensure they are an ethical and eco-friendly business. All of their printed materials are on 100% post consumer recycled paper with vegetable-based inks. All of their garments are printed with eco-friendly methods using non-toxic, water-based inks. At festivals, their bags are 100% recycled plastic (if you feel you need one). They only purchase American-made, sweatshop free items. And, they will soon offer a 100% organic cotton product line for the ultra-conscious consumer!

  Peace Monkey  : Peace Monkey : is owned and operated by Silver Lake designer, Deneen O'Neill. After years of searching high and low for unique baby gifts, she took matters into her own hands, and PEACE MONKEY was born. Inspired by the iron-on transfers of her youth, and a love for all things glittery, Deneen designs fun, sparkly t-shirts and onesies for the little tastemakers of the world (including her daughter, Rory). PEACE MONKEY'S goal is to provide kids with super cool, comfy tees, maintain excellent customer service, and to give back to its community.

  Rock Your Baby : rock and roll inspired t-shirts for children.

  Sweet Darling Designs : Looking for one-of-a-kind jewelry? How about a cute t-shirt for that new baby your friend just had? For over 30 years, she has knitted, decoupaged, stamped, cut and pasted, wheel-thrown, painted, sewn, bedazzled, tie-dyed, needlepointed, soldered, batiked, glazed, embroidered, crocheted, cold-connected, fused, kiln-fired, punched, altered, and just plain mangled thousands of projects. Lucky for you, she has gotten much better at expressing her creativity over the years. Sweet Darling Designs features things she has designed using everything from her daughter's drawings to vintage family photos. She has made clothes, jewelry and other gift items for babies, toddlers, and big kids (and some grown-up stuff, too). Check out her children size t-shirts and more.

  Two Bit Punk  two bit punk makes clothing and accessories for infants & toddlers. No, they are not talking about pastel pinks & blues, not knitted booties & bonnets or cute little teddy-bear and puppy-dog patterns. Nanna's got that market all sewn up & cross-stitched. What two bit punk makes is kids stuff with street smart attitude. Cheeky graphics, bold colors, rock'n'roll slogans. So before you go shopping for the little one in your life, take a moment to think how you'd feel if the only clothes in your size were embroidered pastel jump-suits, and then thank the gods of pop culture that two bit punk is here to save the day.

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