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Learn about the Apparel Strategist Statistical Review

The Apparel Strategist is organized into logical sections containing graphs, tables, and commentary on;
  • Retail Sales and Store Performance - This is where it all starts...retail sales and inventory growth are the building blocks for all other aspects of the industry. In this section we track these retail growth trends, comparable store sales, the performance of individual companies, and discuss their impact on the other business segments of the industry.
  • Consumer Data - When all is said and done, how much money gets spent, and where it gets spent, is decided by one thing and one thing only...consumers! In this section we look at consumer confidence, debt, spending, price inflation or deflation.
  • International Trade In Textiles and Apparel - is always dynamic...which countries are expanding their trade with the US and which are losing out? This section includes textile and apparel imports and exports and analyzes the data by country to let you know who's getting the growth and who's giving it up.
  • Supply Side - An analysis of the manufacturing and wholesale side of the business, including textile and apparel sales and inventory, employment, production and capacity utilization, and pricing trends from raw materials to finished apparel.
  • Financial Performance & Company News - Our coverage here includes the Strategist Retail and Wholesale stock indexes (compared to the Dow Industrials for perspective), stock market gainers and losers, and insightful commentary on company news and earnings.
  • Company Spotlight - A unique profile of a newsworthy company, in the Spotlight we evaluate a company's performance, strategy, and future prospects... always informative and certainly provocative.
  • Outlook - Here we tie it all together and review the major events that are confronting the industry. As always, the focus is on the events that will have the largest impact on profitability and the strategies necessary to deal with them.

The apparel industry is always subject to a great deal of hearsay. In the Apparel Strategist our perspective is driven by facts, which are clearly presented in the form of tables and graphs and accompanied by concise and insightful commentary. Over the years we have accurately captured the cycles and changes in the industry and forecasted their impact on business. As a result, the Apparel Strategist has earned its reputation as the only source for the no-nonsense reality of the apparel business...there is no alternative.

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Learn about the Apparel Strategist Statistical Review

 The Apparel Strategist reports in this section have been developed and maintained by The Apparel Strategist.

The Apparel Strategist Statistical Review reports in this section have been developed and maintained by The Apparel Strategist published by Philip Black.

The Apparel Strategist is the premier business journal of the apparel and textile industries available today. Their readership extends to board rooms, Wall Street, The Far East - anywhere decision-makers require timely, pertinent information to help run their business more effectively. Their publication is designed to allow you to see all the current trends in the industry at a glance, and is a must read for strategic planners, marketing departments, company libraries, lenders to the fashion industry, institutional investors, or anyone else that needs to have the vital statistics of the apparel and textile industries delivered to them each month. For the past 18 years, they  have been accurately reporting, predicting, and graphically displaying the business cycles in the industry, the reasons behind them, and what it means to you. Sometimes it's promising, sometimes it's not; either way it's required information to compete effectively in today's difficult business environment.


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