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Welcome to the fashion education guide.  In this section you will find educational information about apparel and textiles to help prepare you for professional excellence in design, fashion, and the garment business.  You will find schools to help you receive a quality educational experience that fosters career focus, creativity, and a global styling perspective.

Apparel Search Education for people interested in fashion and textilesLearn about the clothing and fashion industry. The Apparel Search Education Directory is an excellent place to find fashion schools, seminars, textile research etc. If you wish to discuss fashion relevant topics with experts, please join in the discussions at the Fashion Industry Network. Be smart and attend a qualified fashion school to learn more.

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If you have not already done so, we strongly suggest you attend a fashion school.  To thrive in the fashion industry or textile industry it is import to understand fabrics, sewing constructions, seams, quality standards, fashion merchandising etc.  Learn about the available fashion schools for a degree in fashion or simply take a few classes to round off your skills.  It is never too early or too late to begin your fashion education.

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Education is key to the industries future success

This Apparel Search Education section is devoted to educational information and resources regarding fashion, clothing and textiles relevant matters.  In this area of our website you will find information about fashion design schools, textile and apparel industry research, terms of interest, and much more.  If you enjoy learning about the apparel industry and clothing related issues, you have come to the proper place.

Fashion Schools

In the Apparel Search Fashion School Directory you can find fashion schools that specialize in fashion design, fashion merchandising, accessories design, fashion & textile studies, fabric styling, textile development & marketing, textile surface design, and many more clothing & textile related studies.  If you are searching for schools to provide an you with an education so that you can get started in the field of fashion, the fashion school directory is the place to begin your search

Research Studies and Reports

The Apparel Search Textile & Clothing Research Directory provides research data as well as links to companies that provide textile industry & garment industry research materials.  The research section is designed to benefit members of the clothing industry, students, and educators.  

If you have conducted research on behalf of your high school, college, government organization, or university, you are welcome to submit your findings for review.  We can either publish your information in our research area or link to it on your site to help others learn more about your area of expertise.  If you provide educational information it will be our pleasure to provide your school or company with credit and web site links back to your university or organization. 

Did you know that Wool is an important part of Textiles and that Sheep are an important part of Wool?

Did you want to learn about cotton from the Journal of Cotton Science?

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Who knows what the future will bring to fashion.  If you educate yourself regarding fashion and textiles, possibly you can help dictate the future of fashion.

A very good way to education yourself about the apparel and textiles is to have discussions with members of the fashion industry network.  In fact, if you are student at a fashion design school, you are welcome to join the students group on that site.