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Fashion industry calculators are helpful tools.  If you know of any that should be added to this page, please let us know.

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Length Calculator

Dimensional Weight Calculator

Shipping Charges Calculator

Calculate Volume for Freight

Calculate Verified Gross Mass (VGM)

Currency Calculator

Percentages Calculator

Check Digit Calculator

Basic Calculator

Retail Math Formulas

Shipping Rate Calculator Software for ecommerce

How to find out how many cartons fit in a container

How to Calculate Volumetric Weight for your shipment

Salary Calculators

Note: You may need Java Script Enabled to utilize some of the calculators.

Learn about textile fiber and fabric units of measure.

Apparel Search Fashion Industry DirectoryThe Apparel Search Company has not created the calculators listed in the calculator section of our web site.   We can not and do not guarantee the accuracy of these calculators.

We understand that you may or may not currently be in school.   It is also understandable that you may not enjoy math or doing calculations.  However, doing equations is actually often helpful for the fashion industry.  Therefore, calculators come in handy for members of the fashion industry.  Here are a few examples of when calculators may be helpful: Pattern makers need to measure length and work with measurements. Importers need to measure weight to help them evaluate freight costs when shipping garments or trim.  Retail buyers need calculators to evaluate numerous issues such as retail math to determine markups, margin, sell through, stock sales ratio, etc.  Hopefully, the apparel industry calculators listed above will be of help to you.

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