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Finding a job that you enjoy is crucial.  It is also very important to find a company that will pay you what you are worth.  When selecting a career path in the garment industry many factors come into play when selecting a field of interest and an employer.  Salary calculators may help you gauge the market to see if you are making, too much, too little, or if your compensation is in the perfect range.

Salary Calculator: NACE is the leading source of information about the employment of the college educated, and the essential link connecting college career services and HR/recruiting professionals at corporations hiring new college graduates. The NACE Salary Calculator is provided in partnership with Job Search Intelligence (JSI). Using patents pending algorithms, the calculator creates compensation values from datasets which are proprietary to JSI and are derived from: U. S. Department of Labor, U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U. S. Census Bureau, U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, U. S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, U. S. Federal Reserve, and proprietary resources.

ADP Paycheck Calculator: estimates your net pay or "take home pay", which is wages after withholdings and taxes.

Careerbuilder: Find annual salaries and compare average salary information locally. Search now to discover how much you can make.  Type in your job title and location and you will see a national average estimate and the estimate for the location you selected.

Salary: This salary wizard is powered by at the CNN Money website. 

You can also visit the website for information.