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The "Fashion Definitions" section on Apparel Search is a valuable and comprehensive repository of essential terms and their precise definitions related to clothing, footwear, and style. Curated to be an educational resource for both fashion industry professionals and enthusiastic consumers, this section aims to enhance understanding and fluency within the ever-evolving world of fashion. By offering clear explanations of significant words and concepts, it equips individuals with the knowledge needed to navigate trends, innovations, and style preferences. Whether you're a designer, retailer, fashion marketer, or an avid fashion lover, this section provides a solid foundation for effective communication and informed decision-making within the dynamic landscape of fashion. Explore this collection of fashion-centric terminology to enrich your vocabulary and deepen your appreciation for the diverse and fascinating world of style and attire.

Educate yourself regarding fashion.  Here is a great place to read some very interesting fashion definitions.

Artistic Dress Movement

Casual Fashions


Couturier Definition

Designer Definition

Designer Jeans



Fashion Accessories

Fashion Blogs

Fashion Brands

Fashion Design

Fashion Designers

Fashion Journalism

Fashion Model

Fashion Shows

Fashion Victims

Fashion Week

Fashion Industry Corporations

Fast Fashion

Hip Hop Fashion

Public Relations

Ready to Wear

Semi-Casual Fashion

Semi-Formal Fashion


Street Fashion

Victorian Dress Reform

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1960's Fashion History

1970's Fashion History

1980's Fashion History (terms section)

1990's Fashion History

History of Western Fashion

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