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Semi-casual is a dress code in the American context. It is less presentational than semi-formal but not as loose, and potentially sexually suggestive, as full casual dress. As in most dress codes, there is an element of sexism, but this is less pronounced than in formal dress.

Semi-casual dress may include:

Loafers or cap toe shoes. Sandals may also be approprite in warm weather.

Dark socks are still considered de rigueur for men. Women are given more leniency to wear light colored stockings, especially in warm weather.

Trousers in a smooth material or corduroy. Women are allowed skirts or dresses.

A button-down dress shirt, sweater, or polo shirt. Sweater Vests are especially popular and are in style this holiday season. Again, women are given more leniency, and are often allowed to wear a T-shirt if it is of a luxurious material. Men may wear a necktie, but it is certainly not expected.

Almost any kind of coat or hat may go with semi-casual dress in inclement weather.. However, a top hat or a woman's Easter bonnet would be decidedly too formal.

In most contexts, excessive jewelry in considered out of place with semi-casual dress. Traditionally, this has been especially true for men, though during the late 20th century, earrings and necklaces became everyday objects of masculine attire for casual and semi-casual wear. More recently nose rings and tongue piercings have become generally acceptable for both genders in semi-casual wear, though traditional offices still frown on them.

Hair dyed in artificial colors and heavy cosmetics are generally considered inappropriate for semi-casual wear, although some offices exhibit leniency.

See also:

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