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Artworks expresses the author's imaginative or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for beauty or emotional power.  A fashion industry artist uses his or her skills to design clothing, accessories, product packaging, advertising, logos, etc.  An artist is a person engaged in an activity related to creating art, practicing the arts, or demonstrating an art.  Designing fashion is most definitely an art form.

This section of the Apparel Search directory is intended to provide resources to fashion artists and fashion designers.  In addition, this section provides resources for fashion companies to locate qualified artists and designers that specialize in fashion or textile related projects.

Fashion Industry Network: the fashion industry network is a business networking site.  Members of the network work in the clothing industry or textile industry, or have a very strong interest in style.

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Artisitc Dress Movement Picture from definition section for clothing industry to learn about dresses'Jane Morris (The Blue Silk Dress)' by
Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Oil on canvas, dated 1868. The Society of Antiquaries of London (Kelmscott Manor).  Image from The Walker Art Gallery

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Nearly one-third of designers are self-employed which is almost five times the proportion for all professional and related occupations.

Creativity is crucial in all design occupations; most designers need a bachelor's degree, and candidates with a master's degree hold an advantage.

Keen competition is expected for most jobs, despite average projected employment growth, because many talented individuals are attracted to careers as designers.

Fashion Artist & Design Element Job Descriptions

Do you wish to make or create art as an occupation.  Working as an apparel industry artist can be a rewarding career path.

Fashion Designers

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Find a Fashion Industry Artist to assist you with the following and more.

Technical Drawings and Renderings

Render technical drawings with all dimensions and written instructions needed to produce prototype. High quality renderings and fashion illustrations suitable for scanning or faxing.

Concept boards / Presentation Boards

Targeted seasonal concept-boards developed specifically for client. Representation of global inspiration thru aesthetic references and emotional signifiers found in the worlds of fashion, home, sports and automotive industries.

Product Art Direction

Provide photographic and illustration service for catalogue. Conceptualize and art direct product-driven catalogue and marketing media.

The following terms and definitions may be of help to you.

Fashion Definition

Clothing Definition

CAD Definition

CAD Term

Learn about Fashion Design Studios in our fashion terms section.

Fashion and art have been intertwined for centuries. From the earliest examples of clothing and accessories being used as tools for self-expression, to the contemporary world of fashion design, art has been a fundamental element of the fashion industry. Today, there is an ever-growing number of artists who are using their creativity and skills to explore and redefine the boundaries of fashion.

Artists working in the fashion industry come from all walks of life, with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Their diverse perspectives and creative approaches to fashion have been integral in pushing the boundaries of traditional design. From the early days of couture, to the modern day of streetwear and ready-to-wear, each of these artists has helped shape the fashion landscape in their own unique way.

Artists working in the fashion industry are pushing the boundaries of fashion and art, and creating something truly unique. From couture to streetwear, their work has been integral in creating something truly innovative and inspiring. The fashion industry is constantly evolving, and artists are essential in keeping it fresh and exciting.

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