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  Artlandia SymmetryWorks is a plug-in for making repeat patterns in Adobe Illustrator. Whether you are an experienced professional or a student, SymmetryWorks empowers you to create pattern designs a hundred times faster, better, and more imaginatively like NO other software does. This is the tool of choice for surface and textile designers, interior decorators, stationery developers, web designers, illustrators, sculptors, fine artists, and everyone who creates patterns.

  Bontex (Italy) Are you looking for a superior Textile CAD system or a dedicated software to create and manage your new garment collection, a powerful database solution for your images archive or your products catalogue to be published on the local network or in Internet ? Here you will find the best selection of software and services to satisfy your needs. Bontex is a market leader in Italy for Textiles & Fashion software solutions and for large Images Archiving and communication database. From our headquarters based in Milan they distribute and service from over 30 years a complete range of professional solutions, products and services.

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  Clicdesign is the designer's dream toolkit for textile design in Adobe Photoshop. It combines essential tools for producing professional textile design.

  Evolution Textile Design Software (DigiFab Systems):  is the complete turnkey solution for all your designing and coloring needs. Create or re-create your repeats & separations, and color them with our advanced color-matching system. Print sample yardage and presentation boards from your computer. No longer you will have to pay for what you don't use. Purchase the full system or buy specific tools for separate stations. Evolution allows you the flexibility to scan in the office, design at home and print anywhere. With Evolution, you will be able to decide where to perform and organize your work.  DigiFab is an innovative developer and manufacturer of software, fabrics, supplies, and equipment for the digital printing industry.

  JacqCAD MASTER: is a computer program for creating textile designs on computers. It contains extensive features designed to assist in designing, editing, creating loom control files, and punching of textile designs. Industry standard TIFF and PICT files are supported, providing compatibility with many other applications, including programs for painting, scanning, processing, editing, publishing, and analyzing images. Sub-areas of PICT files may be selected and scaled to any desired number of Ends and Picks. Designs of up to 16,000 Ends by 32,000 Picks are supported. Textile designs are displayed in the correct as woven aspect ratio (Warp/weft ratios of .05:1 to 20.00:1). Up to 20 image windows may be opened simultaneously to support cut/paste of design elements between designs or between design and scratch pad windows.

  Lectra: Lectra is a world leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of software and hardware dedicated to the major industrial users of textiles, leather and other soft materials, supplying a comprehensive range of associated services for the development of complete solutions, from product design to manufacture to retailing.  Lectra, a leading technology provider to the fashion industry offers a wide range of software, automated cutting systems and high value-added services covering the entire value chain, from design through manufacturing to retailing. Lectra Fashion PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), specifically designed for fashion companies, integrates process optimization with collections lifecycle management and includes modules for line planning, creative collection development, product data management, product engineering, and workflow management. Lectra Kaledo Collection, which shares a common database platform within PLM, encourages artistic creativity while structuring the collection creation process and facilitating the exchange of information internal and external to the design environment. Lectra Kaledo Textile is a suite of software for the textile designing processes of Print, Knit and Weave that further facilitates the exchange of information internal and external to the design environment. Lectra serves over 20,000 customers in more than 100 countries.

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  Ned Graphics: Software for textile design solutions for the home, fashion, and flooring from NedGraphics. Software for textile design solutions for the home, fashion, and flooring from NedGraphics. It's their vision to inspire creativity & productivity while providing essential products & services.  NedGraphics™ is a leading developer of CAD software solutions created specifically for apparel and retail, home furnishings, flooring design, and various other textiles. NedGraphics products allow designers to exercise full creative freedom while improving efficiency, productivity, and accuracy to create production-ready artwork. For 37 years, NedGraphics has worked directly with top companies in the retail and apparel, home decor, and floor design industries, inspiring creativity by developing new and improved solutions tailored specifically to customers' needs. NedGraphics provides dedicated tools for print, woven, and knitted fabric design, carpet and tuft, color management and calibration, merchandising and more.

  Triadem: Expand your great Adobe Photoshop software with nice fashion and textile design plug-ins to improve your working area for textile design! The TRIADEM StylePlugs are the new edition of textile design software. They offers now new and unique functions to create woven fabric simulations, printdesigns, repeats and colorways with perfect screen-paper color control in Adobe

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