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Why we have separated our "Logistics Software" section from our "Import / Export Software" Section:

Our impression is that import / export software is focused on the actual trade of goods (including compliance and documentation) where Logistics Software would be more involved in the physical process of moving goods. As well, logistics need not always be involved with international trade -- domestic shipments don't necessitate use of import / export software but might require use of logistics software.

Import / Export Software helps alleviate the regulatory burden placed on importers and exporters. It could be with tariff or harmonized codes or, more seriously, compliance with rules and regulations banning export to certain persons/destinations or trade in certain goods with or without a license.

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Importing & Exporting Software Suppliers

fashion directory  eCustoms Corporation: their company develops and sells import / export software and online systems (compliance, documentation etc.).  They also have a customs brokerage (as separate company within their corporate organization) that uses the same software and helps in the development process as a result.   They provide custom brokerage services.

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fashion directory  Navis delivers proven, mission-critical supply chain execution software solutions that secure success and institute best practices, enabling the world's leading logistics providers, retailers and manufacturers to increase capacity, service and profitability. Founded in 1988, Navis has established itself as a leader in supply chain execution with more than 300 sites in production worldwide. The company's professional services and support team has proven experience and expertise to drive success and deliver results for its customers across a wide range of projects and operations.

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