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Since its inception in the early 1990's, the field of supply chain management has become tremendously important to companies in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. The term supply chain refers to the entire network of companies that work together to design, produce, warehouse, deliver, and service products.  In the past, companies focused primarily on manufacturing and quality improvements within their own company; now their efforts extend well beyond so that they encompass the entire supply chain. 

Supply Chain Management Companies 

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SCM is an acronym for Supply Chain Management.

Supply Chain Management Companies

fashion directory  AG Systems: Business management software for apparel manufacturers and import businesses.

fashion directory  American Software Inc.: headquartered in Atlanta, American Software develops, markets and supports one of the industry's most comprehensive offerings of integrated business applications, including enterprise-wide, supply chain management, Internet commerce, financial, warehouse management and manufacturing packages. e-Intelliprise(TM) is a total ERP/supply chain management suite, which leverages Internet connectivity and includes multiple manufacturing methodologies, full global capability and integrated data marts. The Company's Flow Manufacturing(R) solution is the first dedicated application for automating demand-based manufacturing operations as a best-of-class client/server extension to existing ERP systems.  American Software holds 86% ownership in Logility Inc. (NASDAQ: LGTY) , a leading supplier of collaborative value chain planning solutions via the internet.  Also, they have a wholly owned subsidiary called New Generation Computing (  Address: 470 East Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta, GA 30305 (800) 726-2946. (404) 261-4381. FAX: (404) 364-7803.  E-mail:

fashion directory  AMICS: Manufacturing and inventory control system is an integrated, multi-module software solution for manufacturing companies.

fashion directory  APL Logistics: (member of the NOL Group,) APL Logistics offers a full range of supply chain services that reduce costs and increase profit potential. They bundle and integrate comprehensive services to meet your unique requirements. Count on them for innovative solutions tailored to your business.  From raw materials at the source to finished goods at point-of-purchase, they help you manage the supply chain process, worldwide. Acting as your lead logistics provider, they will proactively manage the supply chain to reduce cycle time and variability, increase reliability, and provide end-to-end visibility and control. Their global design and management expertise increases flexibility and continuously improves supply chain performance for bottom-line returns.

fashion directory  Aria Systems: Aria Systems is a provider of complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions and creator of the Digital Order Form, an efficient field sales automation tool for the Tablet PC. Our flagship Aria 4XP ERP Product Suite is an end-to-end solution for Supply Chain Management (SCM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), specifically designed for the Apparel, Accessories, Footwear, Home Furnishings, and Textiles industries. With 15+ years of experience in developing, deploying, and maintaining fully-integrated systems, Aria possesses the critical insight required for understanding the unique challen! ges facing apparel companies from both an Operations and Information Systems perspective, and delivers solutions that match the unique business needs of our customers. Aria Systems services include comprehensive training solutions, as well as business and process management consulting.

fashion directory  Asprova Corporation: Scheduling software for manufacturing, used in 500 factories worldwide. High-speed scheduling with Gantt chart for inventory reduction and increased productivity.

fashion directory  Avery DennisonAvery Dennison Retail Information Services operates in over 30 countries and manufacturing zones throughout the world. Our truly global infrastructure positions solutions where you need them: in-country and in-line with production, distribution and the retail floor. From price tickets, graphic hang tags and printing solutions for every type of tag or label, to security products applied at the source and web-based supply chain management software, Avery Dennison Retail Information Services offers a world of solutions.

fashion directory  Business Management Systems Inc.: Business Management Systems-VerTex PLM As one of the most experienced providers of PLM solutions for the apparel, textiles, footwear, and other sewn products industries, Business Management Systems (BMS) has developed VerTex to help you maximize your competitiveness and profitability. By extending the capabilities of product lifecycle management upstream to initial line planning and downstream to sourcing and delivery, VerTex simply delivers greater competitive advantage and measurably better returns than conventional PDM, PLM and supply chain management software. Address: 33-00 Broadway Suite 308 Fair Lawn NJ, 07410 E-mail:  Phone 1.800.266.4046

fashion directory  Cincom: From ERP to MRPII, to repair and overhaul, to APS, to product and sales configuration, manufacturing software satisfies many types and sizes of manufacturers.

fashion directory  ComputerCare Inc.: CAMS (ComputerCare Apparel Management System) is designed by industry experts as a full function ERP system that integrates FG Inventory and Production with Order Entry. CAMS is easy to use for importers and manufacturers of clothing products and even easier on your budget. ComputerCare has built-in flexibility to allow the system to be easily modified for individual use, often without the need to do any programming. Key features include: available to sell reporting all the time, anytime; sophisticated multi-store (distro) order entry, including consolidated picking tickets; intelligent order allocation logic; production orders to schedule imports, cutting & knits; planning to ID profit by groups/styles; booking analysis (cut and sold reporting) to maximize productivity. Integrated EDI and PDM modules are available.  Address: 241 Forsgate Drive Jamesburg, NJ 08831 Phone: 732-656-0673 Fax: 732-656-0656 Contact: Ken Reifer E-mail:  

fashion directory  Creatnet Services Ltd.: In the area of business-to-business commerce, Creatnet Services Ltd. provides a suite of advanced technology products and comprehensive services for managing collaborative workflows in product development and supply chain management for short life-cycle industries.  Unique challenges are created by the combination of uncertain demand for products, disparity in size of business partners and the global spread of the supply chain.  Creatnet's solutions catalyze significant improvement in business performance, reduction in duplication, lead times, and direct impact in lowering costs, by dramatically improving the levels of collaboration within client organizations and with their business partners  Address: Z-1, First Floor, Hauz Khas New Delhi  1100116  India Phone: 91-11-6561056 or 91-11-6561057  Email: Contact: Devangshu Dutta, Director

fashion directory  Deccan Systems: Cost estimating software for manufacturing and business processes. Build models with equations and customized data entry.

fashion directory  Decision Strategies: their mission is to be the catalyst for great decision making by our clients by providing clarity in complex situations. 

fashion directory  is a business to business marketplace designed for electronic sourcing, procurement and supply chain commerce services for the textile, apparel , machinery and sewn products industries.

fashion directory  Edifice: Edifice is an information services company providing sell-through information, sales and inventory analysis, vendor managed inventory services, and POS database feeds to corporations worldwide. Serving companies in diverse markets including retail and healthcare, Edifice has developed specialized tools for use by vendors, suppliers, and manufacturers in improving their supply chain management capabilities. With information gathered by Edifice, suppliers can easily identify opportunities for increasing sales and lowering costs.

fashion directory  Elucid: Combines e-business software with customer relationship management and supply chain management.

fashion directory  Exenta: Exenta is one of the only comprehensive, state of the art supply chain technology provider serving the apparel and soft goods industries. We combine easy-to-use, best-in-class technology with a relentless focus on achieving excellence in all aspects of implementation and customer satisfaction. 

fashion directory  EXE Technologies: Provides e-fulfillment and WMS software for e-commerce and traditional sales and distribution channels.  

fashion directory  ExImPoint   they have an advanced web based product called ExImPoing, that connects the exporters and importers around the world.  They utilize broadband and instant messenger technology.

fashion directory  Factory Logic Software, Inc.: E-commerce software 'Streamline' allows companies to extend ordering directly to the factory using Java, XML. 

fashion directory  Fast React Systems Ltd. (United Kingdom): Fast React Systems Ltd: Fast React Systems are specialist providers of Planning, Sourcing and Critical Path Management solutions specifically developed for the Apparel, Textiles and Footwear marketplace. With a presence in over 35 countries, the products are characterised by their visual appeal, ease of use and rapid implementation and payback. The key focus of the Fastreact approach to planning is improved VISIBILITY and COORDINATION. In the face of increasing customer demand for better speed and flexibility, many companies are now finding that their existing spreadsheets and manual based systems simply cannot cope. Fastreact has been developed to address this need, providing a single, coordinated system, which can be fully integrated with existing business systems to provide a complete and effective planning and control mechanism. Fastreact allows you to bring together all essential planning elements (capacity, raw materials & critical path) in a single, integrated solution. Address: Evolution House, Stephensons Way, The Wyvern, Derby DE21 6LY United Kingdom T. +44 (0)1332 668942  Contact: Sonia e-mail:

fashion directory  Fasturn Inc.: a leading web-based sourcing solutions provider for manufacturers of apparel, textile and other made to order goods, provides the content, services and cutting edge procurement technologies for reducing 'trend to delivery' times.  Fasturn's proprietary technology enables buyers and sellers to streamline sourcing and production using a web based platform designed to optimize the procurement process, delivering increased margins and workflow efficiencies.  Los Angeles, CA Phone: 310-407-6900 Fax: 310-407-6990

fashion directory  Foot Works: FootWorks ERP system is a proven line of integrated business management software for the footwear industry. Their software system provides enterprise-wide, real-time flow of information for better decision making and control of assets. FootWorks is designed to be flexible and easily tailored to meet virutally any specification importers, distributors, and wholesalers need. Their modular design allows fast implementation and easy modification as your company grows.

fashion directory  Freeborders: They are an Internet technology company focused on creating efficiency for the global apparel, textile, and retail industries.  FreeBorders, in partnership with IBM, has developed a world-class e-Marketplace solution, which takes the product sourcing process online.

fashion directory  Garpac: Enterprise-wide, supply chain management solutions to all segments of the sewn products industry. Used by manufacturers, importers, distributors.

fashion directory  Go Global Logistics:  they are a US Customs broker, freight forwarder and supply chain consulting firm. They offer US Customs clearance, apparel and textile classification and duty calculation, guidance on special trade programs relating to textiles and apparel, importer consulting, freight forwarding, and much more. They specialize in helping importers and exports meet every requirement involved in importing or exporting textiles and apparel (as well as other goods), and can arrange for shipping of your products worldwide. Address: 304 Newbury St, Suite 312, Boston, MA 02115 Phone: (800) 599-3105 Fax: (800) 599-3105 E-mail:  Contact: George Mylonakis

fashion directory  GT Nexus: GT Nexus is a leading provider of global logistics and supply chain software. They help their customers create sustainable competitive advantage through superior logistics performance and global supply chain execution.   Their software enables enterprises and third party logistics providers (3PLs) to plan, optimize and manage the flow of goods and information through a single platform, from order point to final delivery, anywhere around the globe.  They accomplish this through a comprehensive and integrated offering that spans and links three critical activity areas: multi-modal transportation management, global supply chain visibility, and performance management.

fashion directory  iEngineer: Collaborative engineering ASP service for multinational manufacturers and supply chains

fashion directory  Infor Distribution Essentials:  Infor delivers business-specific software that helps enterprising organizations of all sizes adapt to rapid change.  Today's distribution companies are sourcing and selling globally, while having to maintain localized availability and customer service levels.  Faced with expanding inventories, geographies, and value-added services, they must seek new ways of adding value to their customers and, at the same time, maintain profitability. Problem is, they have to do more with less across an increasingly complex operating environment. Infor Distribution Essentials includes business-specific solutions with industry experience built in to solve the most pressing challenges of distribution companies from searching for better ways to strengthen value-added services, extend their inventory, and grow their business to sustaining profitability in this expanded environment.  

fashion directory  Intentia (Movex Fashion): style-based ERP system that optimizes and enhances your internal operations then offers the accessories to extend the functionality outside your organization.  The essence of e-collaboration.  They give you and your supply chain a global view from which to plan your fashion business.

fashion directory  Inventory Interface: Modules for inventory management, bill of materials, work orders, sales/order processing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, request for quotes and purchase orders.

fashion directory  Jonar Inc: Apparel management software.

fashion directory  Logility, Inc. provides supply chain management solutions to streamline the market planning, management, production, and distribution of products worldwide. It offers Logility Voyager Solutions, an integrated software suite that provides supply chain management, including collaborative planning, strategic network design, optimized supply sourcing, production management, warehouse management, and collaborative logistics services. This suite also interfaces with various enterprise applications deployed on Internet and client/server operating environments and platforms. The company also offers Demand Solutions, a multi-tiered planning and replenishment system for vendor managed inventory. These solutions enable manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors to exchange information for inventory. Logility offers its products and services primarily to businesses in distribution-intensive markets, such as consumer products, apparel, food and beverage, durable goods, aftermarket service parts, wholesale distribution, life sciences, and manufacturing. The company was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Logility, Inc. is a subsidiary of American Software, Inc.

fashion directory  Logility Inc.: Optimize operations throughout both the demand chain and the supply chain, including logistics operations and warehouse management.

fashion directory  Logistics Planning Associates: PSI Planner for demand forecasting, DRP/mRP, master production scheduling. For Windows.

fashion directory  Manhattan Associates, Inc.: For 19 years, Manhattan Associates has concentrated exclusively on helping companies streamline their supply chains to achieve lower costs, higher profits and happier customers. Virtually all of their 2,300 employees focus on supply chain optimization. They work directly to bring value to their 1,200 customers through research and development, training, implementation and ongoing support. They build their knowledge of supply chain optimization every day so that they can bring their customers the best possible solutions for their needsPhone # (770) 955 7070.

fashion directory  Manugistics: Provider of Enterprise Profit Optimization (EPO) solutions, which simultaneously optimize a company's supply- and demand-side functions.

fashion directory  MorphCommerce: Delivers business and Web site management software solutions for small manufacturers. Run your business the way that you want to and finally make use of the Internet.

fashion directory  mySupplyChain: A cheerful UK-based info and link source for supply chain and logistics professionals

fashion directory  Navis delivers proven, mission-critical supply chain execution software solutions that secure success and institute best practices, enabling the world's leading logistics providers, retailers and manufacturers to increase capacity, service and profitability. Founded in 1988, Navis has established itself as a leader in supply chain execution with more than 300 sites in production worldwide. The company's professional services and support team has proven experience and expertise to drive success and deliver results for its customers across a wide range of projects and operations.

  New Generation Computing: NGC provides PLM, global sourcing and ERP solutions to brands, retailers and importers of consumer products. NGC customers increase gross margins, reduce the cost of goods sold, improve speed to market and product quality and manage CPSIA compliance with NGC software. NGC offers a comprehensive suite of integrated, end-to-end solutions for PLM, Global Sourcing, ERP, Shop Floor Control, Factory Labeling & Packing, CPSIA & Business Intelligence Tools. Address: 14900 NW 79th Court Miami Lakes, FL 33016 Phone 305 556 9122  Fax # 305 828 6358  Email:  

fashion directory  OffTech Computing Pty Ltd: Provides any manufacturing business with accurate costing figures to improve quoting process and profit margin.

fashion directory  OptimPlus!: Warehouse management and supply chain management solutions

fashion directory  Polygon Software (USA): Polygon Software provides end-to-end technology solutions for apparel, footwear and accessories businesses. Their solutions, known for their rapid low-cost implementation and robust function, are backed by an outstanding sales and support staff that's committed to your success.

 Polygon Software has two applications:

PolyNest is recognized as the easiest to use full-featured CAD on the market. They help manufacturer's of all sizes achieve dramatic productivity gains with fully integrated pattern design and marker making. PolyNest features free entry-level automatic marker making, outstanding pattern design, and support for a wide range of plotters, cutters and digitizers. Additional capabilities include a complete made-to-measure solution and a facility to position artwork on patterns.

PolyPM is an integrated Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that helps business increase sales, reduce costs, make better business decisions and improve customer service, by maximizing inventory, balancing supply with demand, managing product definition and tracking inventory from raw materials to distribution.

PolyPM Features: Costing and Tech Packs Budget styles and samples management, Inventory, sales orders, production, purchasing, receiving, shipping, invoicing. Discreet, outsourced, made-to-measure, serialized production models. Cut Planning, Production Planning, CRM functions, Best-of-breed Collaboration, Time & Action Calendars, Sourcing, EDI UPS, Fedex and Scan and Pack.

Customer surveys in Apparel Magazine and Gartners have consistently rated Polygon Software as a leader in customer support.  Address: 6 Reservoir Circle, Baltimore Maryland 21208 US Phone: 410.653.8004 Fax: 410.653.8022  Email:  Contact: Mickey Wohlmuth, VP Sales

fashion directory  Porini USA: Porini USA has developed the Microsoft Dynamics Industry Solution for fashion and footwear. This industry leading solution combines the flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics AX with proven coverage of apparel sourcing and distribution functional requirements.  Address: 155 E 34th Street New York, NY 10016 phone: +1 212 2131084 or Email:  Contact: Jon Buchan 

fashion directory  Prism Software: Solution for independent footwear and apparel retailers with inventory control, purchasing and receiving, customer history, bar-coding, accounts receivable, barcode printers, barcode wands, P/l reports, ROI reports.

fashion directory Learn how to build advanced finite production scheduling systems using Excel spreadsheets, interfaces to your ERP/mRP system.

fashion directory  QRS: is the leading expert in global sourcing and supply chain management solutions for the retail industry. QRS has a long history of pioneering and delivering business intelligence, technology and services that improve profitability for trading partners in the global retail supply chain. QRS products and services ensure the right product, at the right price, is in the right place, at the right time.

fashion directory  Ricochet Systems, Inc: Enables customers to link their ERP system and multiple databases via a single web site. have developed the ability to link multiple ERP systems or databases to a single e-commerce solution. Solution includes middleware that will query multiple systems using different logic for each system as required.

fashion directory  Rockysoft Corporation: Provides supply chain and manufacturing software to automatically connect multiple tiers of suppliers across the Internet to generate real-time, capable-to-promise commitments.

fashion directory  RSS Solutions Inc.: Advanced planning scheduling software RSS resource scheduling, finite capacity, workflow management, shop floor control.  

fashion directory  Supply Chain Online: offers online short courses in supply chain management.

fashion directory Use the Internet to manage the supply chain. Links customers, suppliers.

fashion directory  SupplyWorks, Inc.: Partners with supply chain manufacturing companies to turn procurement into a strategic activity, by automating purchasing and total supply management (TSM) over the Internet.

fashion directory  Symmetrix Consulting: Caters to the diverse technological needs of the distribution industry, providing solutions including products, services, and training.

fashion directory  SynQuest: SynQuest One2One Solutions select the financially best way to fulfill orders, considering supply chain constraints and customer requirements. 

fashion directory  Terra Firma Solutions / (India): Terra-Firma Solutions is a Mumbai, India based Business Internet Company.  Their software, services, and products give buying organizations visibility and control over inter-enterprise sourcing, procurement and production processes. And, by putting these processes on the Internet, they enable new levels of collaboration and communication between buyers, suppliers and virtually all intermediaries  Phone: 91-22-2852 8169 / 70  Fax:   91-22- 28526628 Contact:  K.S.Sandhu Email:

fashion directory  TradeCard is a hosted platform delivered as a service to help members rapidly connect, transact and profit. Connect: 4,000 companies. Local support in 50 countries. Link with trading partners fast. A mid-sized apparel company connected its extended supply chain in just eight weeks. A leading footwear brand and retailer did it in 60 days. Transact: Sourcing, logistics and supply chain finance processes - automated. Exception-based management replaces manual data entry. Trade partners have visibility to analyze and change strategy in-step with consumer demand.

fashion directory  Tru-Fit Data Systems: The Tru-Fit Apparel Management System was designed by industry experts and is easy to use.  Microsoft Visual Basic and SQL Database provide built-in flexibility allow the system to be easily modified for individual use, often without the need to do any programming.  Key features include: available to sell reporting, sophisticated multi-store (distro) order entry, including consolidated picking tickets; intelligent order allocation logic; production orders to schedule imports, planning to ID profit by groups/styles; booking analysis (cut and sold reporting) and integrated EDI functionality to maximize productivity.  Address: 34 Kennedy Boulevard East Brunswick, NJ 08816-1248 Phone:  732-247-7900 Fax: 732-247-8599  e-mail: Contact: Ken Reifer.

fashion directory  Viewlocity: Software and services that enable the integration of e-business networks and synchronization of supply webs.

fashion directory  Waterloo Manufacturing Software:TACTIC advanced planning and scheduling software. Attaches to ERP/mRP II or operates stand-alone for order promising and capacity management.

fashion directory  Wolin Design Group (WDG) Founded in 1993,  Wolin Design Group (WDG) is a global provider of solutions for supply chain management software.  WDG's enterprise-wide tools provide companies with best practices for optimizing logistics -- warehouse, transportation, yard, billing and order management processes --  resulting in lower operational costs, increased profitability and greater accuracy.  To ensure ease-of-use that quickly meets the unique operational and financial needs of business clients, WDG offers modular solutions ranging from traditional warehouse and transportation management software to Web-based B2B EDI interfaces.  Built on industry standard SQL database technology with open integration to existing technology, WDG supply chain business solutions integrate seamlessly with ERP solutions such as PeopleSoft, J.D. Edwards, Oracle and SAP and more. Headquartered in Orange, California, WDG benefits clients in the transportation, warehousing, intermodal, fulfillment and commerce industries. Contact WDG by phone at (714) 937-0700.

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