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Apparel Search Logistics is a consultation service designed specifically for the international Clothing and Textile industries.   Our mission is to systematically evaluate your product supply chain and guide your company toward improved operational efficiencies.   In conjunction with improving your logistical effectiveness, we simultaneously reduce operational expenditure.  We develop a customized solution to help you manage your complete supply chain process.

Apparel Search Logistics will take a comprehensive view of your existing supply chain.   After full evaluation, we provide a customized solution to guide you with the implementation of time and cost saving improvements.  Whether you need minor corrections or a complete overhaul, we will assist you with the corrective process.  In addition to locating existing and potential pitfalls, we will assist you with the actual implementation of appropriate solutions.

As part of the Apparel Search network, you can be assured that our team is comprised of experienced and knowledgeable apparel industry veterans.  To continue adding additional value to our clients, we have expanded our service offerings into the apparel supply chain; we currently have established a 40 + person consultancy organization that specializes in international logistics and supply chain management.  Merging apparel & textile industry resources with existing technology and management systems from other industries, Apparel Search Logistics has developed into the Clothing and Textile industries premiere supply chain evaluation service.

Unlike many companies, we are not designed to sell a single supply chain management (SCM) solution.  Apparel Search Logistics is essentially a consulting service.  We offer the benefits of a non-bias evaluation to assist you with implementing a solution that satisfies the needs of your particular company.   There are certainly numerous programs on the market.  Our expertise is in locating, evaluating, and implementing systems that are best suited for your company. 

Since its inception in the early 1990's, the field of supply chain management (and other logistics parameters) has become tremendously important to companies in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. The term supply chain refers to the entire network of companies that work together to design, produce, warehouse, deliver, and service products.  In the past, companies focused primarily on manufacturing and quality improvements within their own company; now their efforts extend well beyond so that they encompass the entire supply chain.

Similar to other companies, your company obviously wishes to reduce cost and improve efficiency.  The tricky part is the fact that there is only 24 hours in a day...  If you are overwhelmed with your existing daily activities, utilizing a consulting company such as Apparel Search Logistics, certainly would not be a bad idea. 

If we can assist you in anyway, please do not hesitate to contact Apparel Search Logistics.

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