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Apparel manufacturing is a unique business in that aside from the whims of fashion, the usual supply chain headaches, there are also as well as a million variables no consumer will ever consider in the selection of their garments.

Who understands these challenges? We do. Apparel Search Logistics provides consulting services and solutions designed to meet those challenges efficiently and cost effectively.

Apparel Search's consulting team will help you deal with:

Transportation Management

Profitable companies are always improving their margins through more efficient management of domestic freight, customs clearance, vendor compliance, and international logistics. Your need to decrease cycle times and costs while increasing service and efficiency will be handled in a professional and expedient manner.

62% of logistics dollars are spent in the area of transportation. In 2002 that equaled over 600 billion dollars and the numbers continue to rise.

Why should you care about supply chain management? Beyond the fact that supply chain costs can range from 10% to over 25& of the cost of goods sold, at least three compelling reasons stand out:

1.      Supply chain leaders are successful. Companies that have streamlined their supply chains consistently outperform their competition.

2.      The benefits of SCM are not reserved for big companies alone. Supply chain management can be a critical industry equalizer as well as provide significant competitive advantages in the marketplace.

3.      Supply chain management is the gift that keeps on giving. Organizations with a control of supply chain management
and what it takes to successfully execute
will be able to realize year over year financial and operation benefits.

Other valuable consulting services include the following:

Multi-site manufacturing

We will develop unique and customized strategies to optimize manufacturing plans in a constrained environment, in real time, across multi-site and outsourced manufacturing, supply, distribution, and transportation nodes.

Network design

Our network designs model significant impacts on supply chain operations, such as extensive growth or decline, business acquisitions, or a re-alignment of business strategies. Better network design leads to an improved bottom line by determining the least cost or most efficient supply chain strategy, including optimal production, storage, distribution locations, and optimal sourcing relationships.

Have you had raw materials delivered late for manufacturing?

Are you transportation costs more than you believe they should be?

Ever suffer a delay at Customs?

Are your contractors delivering on time?

Are you paying premium shipping costs?

Are you getting real time data from your vendors?

Trouble with vendor compliance?

Global sourcing optimization

Our sourcing strategies encapsulate the global supply network raw material suppliers, outside contractors, and owned facilities to enable efficient procurement of materials and management of contractors, and determine the appropriate supply matrix for optimal network design and utilization.

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