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Logistics Software Suppliers

Amplexus http://www.amplexus.com/: provides a comprehensive solution for wholesale distribution businesses. Manages all aspects of the distribution business from order entry to purchasing to inventory management to financial reporting.  Distribution software works to streamline order entry, purchasing, inventory management, accounting, and sales analysis so you can supply products to customers quickly and efficiently.

Appian Logistics Software http://www.appianlogistics.com/: At Appian Logistics Software their mission is to create transportation software that generates quality solutions to cut distribution costs and improve customer service.  Originating in 1987, Appian Logistics Software has many years of experience and expertise developing software for forward-looking transportation companies

Beltek http://www.beltek.com/: Define your routes, customers, driver schedules and much more. You will have all the critical data you need at your fingertips when you need it.  BelTek Systems Design Inc. is a leading global supplier of automated and wireless solutions for the automation and management of mobile sales and service teams.

Cadre Technologies http://www.cadretech.com/: Cadence Fulfillment is a unified logistics software system that brings together warehouse management software, order management, web-based order entry, transportation management, and activity billing for third-party logistics.

fashion directory  eCustoms Corporation: their company develops and sells import / export software and online systems (compliance, documentation etc.).  They also have a customs brokerage (as separate company within their corporate organization) that uses the same software and helps in the development process as a result.   They provide custom brokerage services.

  • Import / Export Software
  • Custom Broker

fashion directory  Gillani: Gillani, Inc. is a pioneer in the development of synchronized supply chain management applications that facilitate the collaborative and coordinated execution of the order capture and fulfillment process. They are one of the leading providers of order fulfillment, Distribution Management and Financial Accounting solutions to many Fortune 500 and mid-market manufacturers and distributors, as well as some of the world's leading 3PL organizations.

fashion directory  GT Nexus: GT Nexus is a leading provider of global logistics and supply chain software. They help their customers create sustainable competitive advantage through superior logistics performance and global supply chain execution.   Their software enables enterprises and third party logistics providers (3PLs) to plan, optimize and manage the flow of goods and information through a single platform, from order point to final delivery, anywhere around the globe.  They accomplish this through a comprehensive and integrated offering that spans and links three critical activity areas: multi-modal transportation management, global supply chain visibility, and performance management.

fashion directory  HK Systems:  HK Systems applies extensive experience to design, deliver and support comprehensive material flow solutions. Their charter is to help companies achieve their corporate objectives with the lowest possible risk. They dependably provide appropriate solutions at the product, system and enterprise levels with the goal of yielding long term mutual rewards. Their company started as the automation arm of a midwestern Fortune 300 manufacturer in the late 1960's. After becoming a privately held company, HK Systems began a successful sequence of strategic acquisitions in the material handling industry to develop a portfolio of quality, American-made systems, software and components. Today, HK is an innovative yet conservative organization, focused on delivering complex turnkey supply chain solutions.

  • Logistics Software
  • Warehouse Consulting
  • Conveyor Manufacturer

Information Dynamics LLC, (ID) is focused on providing software solutions to Shipping & Logistics community. We have reached a landmark achievement of successfully deploying AFSYS Software Solution to over 8500 users in 55 countries. We have proven software solution for the following.

  • Freight Forwarding System (Only has Special Offer)
  • Carriers
    Container, Bulk/break Bulk, Tankers, Air Lines
  • Feeder Operators System
  • NVOCC System
  • Shipping Agent Support System
  • Stevedores/container Yard/depot System
  • Warehouse Management System (3PL/cFS/distribution)

Innovative Systems http://www.innsys.com.au/ (Australia): Innovative Systems is an Australian software company established in 1984 to take advantage of the development opportunities offered by microcomputers and local area networks. Since then we have specialised in providing solutions for records management and logistics in Australia and New Zealand.

Logility Voyager Solutions: Competition is fierce and unrelenting in the retail industry, driving softgoods and apparel companies to improve on-time and in-stock performance under the pressure of tight margin limitations. Logility Voyager Solutions help companies respond rapidly to these imperatives while leveraging the resources of a global supply chain. In an environment where profitability and predictability go hand in hand, Logility uses point-of-sale (POS) data to produce comprehensive sales forecasts, which are leveraged throughout the supply chain. Logility's proven replenishment and inventory planning optimize the trade off between inventory turnover, product mix and desired service levels.

NCS Numeric Computer Devices http://www.ncssuite.com/: they are specialists on the execution side of supply chain management. Their solutions are specifically tailored for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies utilizing a direct store delivery (DSD) force to sell, deliver and service their products.   They integrate back office or enterprise systems to their powerful internet-enabled route accounting application. They then move this critical enterprise information to the point of delivery with their suite of mobile applications empowering the delivery, sales and merchandiser work force.

Profit 21 http://www.p21.com  : Prophet 21 provides innovative, adaptive technology solutions and services that help distributors increase sales, improve customer service, and reduce operating expenses. Since its founding in 1967, Prophet 21 has helped companies of all sizes leverage technologies and maintain a competitive advantage, and today assists more than 2,600 customers conduct billions of dollars in highly complex supply chain transactions annually.

Prelude Systems http://www.prelude.com/: Prelude's Advanced Distribution System fully integrates a distributor's operations. The system allows immediate transfer of information between departments (proving especially useful for distributors with decentralized operations) and permits flexible on-line inquiry into its database. The Advanced Distribution System is a feature rich distribution package with optional integrated modules such as Rental, Marketing/contact Management, Light Manufacturing and Data Warehousing. The system also acts as a monitor of operations and is designed to recognize and prevent common errors, which occur in the distribution industry.

Real Logistics http://www.real-logistics.com/: Transport Solutions - Products designed specifically for the intermodal and container leasing industries to manage the daily operations of transport units world-wide. Customers are engaged in freight forwarding, container leasing, trailer leasing and unit repairs.

SSA Global  http://www.caps.com/: By providing a holistic end-to-end demand and supply chain solution, they can help you plan and anticipate future customer demand and help you position product supply and services, so that your customers get what they want, when they want it, at the lowest total cost to you. By tying demand and supply activities together in real time, they can help you become responsive to different supply chain situations.

Tribute http://www.tribute.com/ : provides industry leading enterprise-wide distribution management software for the industrial distribution industry. Their innovative product helps distributors increase profits along with their customer service levels and is all backed by their award-winning real time support.

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