Byte's Apparel Statistical Quality Control Software: Controlled Inspection & Audit (CIA) is an in-line apparel software quality control system, is an add-on software package to PAC, the apparel piecework payroll software module. The CIA system utilizes wireless technology to provide a real-time solution that helps significantly reduce the administrative time spent documenting quality problems on the sewing floor.  Byte has the only apparel manufacturing software package that integrates apparel quality control with piecework payroll and shop floor control.

  Lyons Information Systems, Inc.:  Lyons Information Systems delivers innovative and cost-effective quality audit management software systems, quality assurance information systems, and supplier management software solutions to medium and large-sized apparel and textile manufacturers.  Their solutions are easily customized and configured to meet manufacturers unique business needs.  Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System (LQATS) improves your competitive edge by providing clear and accurate visibility of compliance with your quality standards. Global Performance Monitor (GPM) allows manufacturer's to see quality compliance graphically across their entire global enterprise on one screen. GradeCard is a supplier performance measurement solution that measures supplier quality, delivery and service performance across the business enterprise. Address: 2832 Super Sport Lane Raleigh, NC 27603 phone: 919-771-1510 toll free phone (US): 866-351-4287 fax: 1-866-341-4304 email:  Contact: Ed Lyons, President

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