Quality Management Systems (QMS) for Fashion
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An apparel quality management system which is also abbreviated as QMS is basically a collection of business processes focused on manufacturing proper quality clothing, footwear, or fashion accessories.   The objective of a quality management system is to maintain a quality policy and maintain the quality objectives to meet internal or customer requirements.  The QMS is expressed as the organizational structure, policies, procedures, processes and resources needed to implement and maintain a high quality performance.  In the apparel industry, the process takes on many aspects.  Most of the leading companies develop compliance manuals (vendor manuals) that detail their quality managements procedures in a very specific manner.  Although equally concerned with maintaining good quality, some of the smaller size companies may not create a complete manual as the larger companies.  This is possibly due to lack of time and other resources.

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The buyer's quality manual is one of the important resources utilized by garment manufacturing factories to set up adequate processes.  If you are a wholesaler or retailer, it is suggested that you provide your manufacturers with a details manual to follow.  It is important to make certain that the clothing factories that you select are producing product of the highest possible quality.  These quality manuals are very useful to understand product quality requirement of a brand.

Here are a few examples of fashion company vendor manuals:

JC Penney Manual – posted on Baidu

The GAP Manual – posted on Scribd

Note: the above listed manuals are only examples.  These most likely  contain outdated material.  Always consult directly with the retailer or brand owner for most current information.

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