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F2IT LIMITED: Affordable apparel production management system. F2it software is a brand new second-generation business tool with a solid track-record and an impressive list of users. Designed for the industry, this is made-to-measure software available to you off-the-peg. The perfect answer for small companies. An online application that stores all your data for you. Secure and backed-up daily. Address 64 Great Eastern Street, London,EC2A 3QR Phone +44 20 7749 9197 Fax E-mail  Contact: Marcia Lazar

  1. Manage your orders and organise your budgets. Designed to help run your business, F2it is an easy to use and efficient order-placement system that is both practical and painless. Suitable for wholesale and manufacture of a range of products.
  2. Online software and technical backup from F2it means that you are fully supported, and your data is backed up securely. (You still own your own data). F2it handles raw materials, sizing and colors in a sensible way. Co-ordinates activities from sales and production to invoicing. You can cross-reference information and spot mistakes.
  3. Clear order forms and invoices for suppliers and customers. Print and email your documents direct from the system, which fills in details automatically. See the examples below.

What the system does:

Manage Suppliers, Manufacturers and Customers Store Data. Search & find by category, name, city, country. Print mail and carton labels for packaging goods/materials. Order Management Input customer orders. Produce order confirmations, pro-formas, delivery notes and invoices. Split and partial deliveries are managed. Financial reports by customer or country. Fully customs-compliant invoices produced. Production Analysis Complete order-book breakdown by customer, product, fabric, color & size. Generate production orders complete with fabric and trim consumption reports. Simplifies allocation of finished garments with the pick & pack list. Produces production labels for swing tags. Product Costing for Finished Goods (Domestic & Imported) & CMT Build product, selecting raw materials from drop-down menus and cost easily, accurately and efficiently. Attach line drawings or digital photos. Generate line sheets with sketches/photos and prices. Convert price lists to other currencies*. Produce reports on total make costs. Produce reports on total gross profit. Print labels for swing tags for collections. Manage Raw Materials Store information and costs of fabrics, trims, and garment processes. Multi-currency*. Calculate total requirements for production. Purchase Orders Generate purchase orders to suppliers of raw materials. Multi-currency*. Raw Material Inventory Status reports on Raw Materials in Stock Production Book Out/book In Book out production orders and raw materials to manufacturer Book in production received from manufacturer Lists status of production orders Product Stock Inventory Status reports on Products

Magnal Solutions: Based in Montreal, Canada, Magnal Solutions develops and markets FACTS and SDM software. MAGNAL FACTS production management software is designed to help apparel factory management successfully optimize plant productivity while reducing manufacturing costs. The basis of the FACTS software is a flexible and easy to manage piecework payroll and timework or modular (group incentive) payroll system, in both batch and real time modes.  SDM is a pre-determined time standards software for setting factory rates, labor costing, methods engineering and developing accurate performance standards using MTM standard data.

You may want to also learn about apparel industry time and action calendars to help with your production management planning.

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