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AbleCommerce: AbleCommerce, a division of Able Solutions Corporation, is the premier electronic commerce solution provider. Founded in 1995 in Vancouver, Washington, the privately held company has technology and marketing relationships with Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), Macromedia (NASDAQ: MACR), United Parcel Service (NASDAQ: UPS), Card Service International,, ProtoNet, and others. AbleCommerce has established sales and marketing operations worldwide, through an international network of partners, AbleCommerce aims to provide comprehensive solutions for all nationalities of the Internet

Auction Broker: Since 1995, Auction Broker Software has been leading the charge in Internet-based dynamic pricing software, covering the complete spectrum of styles including: Forward, Reverse, Liquidation, Yankee, Haggler, English, Vickrey, 10-Minute, Private, Express, Multi-seller, B2B, B2C, C2C, fixed price, Buy Now, etc.


Beyond Solutions: Beyond Solutions was formed in 1997 and has been creating and providing auction software solutions almost since the inception of the commercial Internet. The company has become so well known and respected in the industry that it has been used as an expert consultant by such firms as Forrester Research and Sony Corporation. If you are in charge of making important e-business decisions for your company then they hope you will seriously consider the enterprise level of expertise that Beyond Solutions can provide.

Emaze Software : written in Allaire Cold Fusion, is easy to install, manage and modify for your web site design needs.  Emaze designed an online auction program that is flexible enough to be a stand-alone web site or integrate quickly into an existing one. You will immediately have control of a program with the functionality offered on the big auction sites and previously available only in auction products costing tens of thousands of dollars. And our Seller, Classified, Reverse and Feedback modules offer even more low cost features to your web site.

PHPAuction: provides a complete suite of applications and services for building auction web sites.

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