Used Machinery Auctions for Textile and Apparel Machines & Equipment   
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If you are looking to purchase used textile machinery, but don't want to pay full price, the auction option may be a good one for you to investigate.  Here are a few companies that may be of help to your research.

Rosen Systems: Used machinery and equipment auctions.  Rosen System knows used machinery and industrial assets. Whether its liquidating an entire manufacturing facility, disposing of surplus equipment, or determining value, we have seen it all. Call today to discuss your project with one of our professionals.

Surplex : In 1999, Bruno and Florian Schick, Rory Devlin and Sean Glodek founded Surplex in Düsseldorf.  It is a typical start-up company of the dotcom era. The bold idea: By using an online market place, the buying and selling of used machines was to be made faster, more transparent and easier.  They buy and sell used machinery as well as have an online auction.

You may want to also check the used machinery directories section.  If you want to learn more about companies that manufacture the machinery, it may be a good idea to visit our textile machinery main page to find additional resources of interest.

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