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Computer Assisted Design Companies

fashion directory  AllCAD Technologies, Ltd (United Kingdom): Software and equipment for the textile and electrical industries. Design, drawing, plotting and scanning software and systems for embroidery manufacturers. Detailed system specifications. 

fashion directory  APSO:  Their team includes specialists in Hardware, Software, Networks, NT Operating Systems, Software Development, Web Technology, Textile Design, Graphic Design and Project Management. We have successfully completed many outstanding projects for a diverse range of clients within the Textile Industry.

fashion directory  Arahne, d.o.o.(Slovenia): Arahne develops CAD/cAM system for dobby and jacquard weaving. Go to their web page to look at their fabric simulations, study on-line step by step tutorials and download a free demo. Address: Staniceva 17 Ljubljana SI-1000 Slovenia Phone: +386-1-439-5280 Fax: +386-1-439-6119 Email:  Contact: Anton Gregorcic

fashion directory  Artlandia, Inc. (USA): Developers of Artlandia SymmetryWorks, an Adobe Illustrator plug-in for creating designs in repeat. Demo download, tutorials and other pattern design resources.  The user creates a motif and the plug-in immediately puts it in repeat. All types of repeats are supported.  They have recently released Artlandia SymmetryShop, a new plug-in that makes pattern design in Adobe Photoshop easy and fully automatic. Similar to its Illustrator counterpart, SymmetryShop relieves the designer from the tedium of manually creating repeat patterns, a painstaking task that involves thousands of precise geometric transformations that used to make interactive experimentation with patterns virtually impossible.Contact:  Olga Bakshee E-mail:

fashion directory  assyst - bullmer Inc.: assyst/bullmer develops & deploys CAD/cAM/pDM software, systems, machinery, solutions and services for the industries processing textiles, a.k.a. Soft Goods Industries (apparel, upholstery, transportation interior, luggage, technical textiles and other textile products such as inflatables, aerospace, medical, outdoor, stuffed toys & dolls industries). 

fashion directory  Audaces (Brazil): The principal focus of AUDACES is the development of software solutions for the automation of industrial activities, using products developed with the highest technology. The users of Audaces products are from the most diverse industrial sectors, including the apparel / textile, furniture, metal-mechanical, glass, transport and paper industries, among others.

fashion directory  Autometrix (USA):  Developers of CAD software for patterns, sail and awning design. Also, precision cutting systems, and plotters and digitizers. Download of software, program updates and tutorials.

fashion directory  Balarad VI  (Slovak Republic): Software for the embroidery industry. Lettering, splitting, editing, printing and converting of designs. Demo download. Tutorial videos and books.  Also, custom and in-stock embroidery designs.

fashion directory  Bontex (Italy) Are you looking for a superior Textile CAD system or a dedicated software to create and manage your new garment collection, a powerful database solution for your images archive or your products catalogue to be published on the local network or in Internet ? Here you will find the best selection of software and services to satisfy your needs. Bontex is a market leader in Italy for Textiles & Fashion software solutions and for large Images Archiving and communication database. From our headquarters based in Milan they distribute and service from over 30 years a complete range of professional solutions, products and services.

fashion directory  CadCam Technology, Ltd (United Kingdom): Developers of stitch editing, punching and organizing software for the embroidery industry.

fashion directory  Cadterns Custom Clothing, Inc (Canada):  Developers of software for the creation of flat patterns, drafted to personal measurements, and fit and style requirements.  On-line learning for recreational fashion designers.

fashion directory  C-Design Fashion: C-DESIGN provides the garment industry with access to leading edge technology with innovative tools and an internal communication network which allows quick transfer of information between all departments. Their clients can optimize their entire creation and production process. They gain in terms of reactivity, execution time, efficiency and profitability.  C-DESIGN Fashion is a Computer Assisted Design (CAD) software which allows designers and graphic designers to create their ready-to-wear collections quickly. C-DESIGN Fashion aids Patterns Makers and Product Managers in easily creating the technical packs for each product of the collection. Merchandisers also have access to powerful tools that create window displays and merchandise presentations

fashion directory  Compucon SA (Greece): Developers of software for embroidery designers and manufacturers. Programs for design, lettering, anthology and sampling. Download area for software updates.

fashion directory  Computer Consulting and Software (USA):  Developers of sales order, inventory, purchase order and production software programs for the apparel manufacturing and distribution industries. Also, training services for Open Systems Accounting Software.

fashion directory  Datas, Ltd (Romania):  Developers of software programs for production performance analysis applications in the garment manufacturing industry.

fashion directory  Digital Fashion Pro: Harper Arrington Media Company released Digital Fashion Pro, a revolutionary and popular digital fashion design system. Fully loaded with innovative new libraries, templates, and built-in tutorials, Digital Fashion Pro offers everyone from beginners to professionals all the tools and instruction that they need to create their own couture collection.  Digital Fashion Pro is a Powerful CAD Fashion Design System for today's professional and aspiring designers who want a program that can design cutting edge designs and concepts that truly represent their fashion vision without constraints and limitations at a great price. Their revolutionary system was created for people who want a program that is easy to use but also delivers professional fashion illustrations that are above & beyond industry standards.

fashion directory  Eastman Machine Company: Eastman Machine Company manufactures a wide range of manual and automated cutting machines, spreading equipment, material handling systems and CAD/cAM software. From the industry standard Blue Streak Straight Knife to fully automated, computerized cutting systems, Eastman has the answer for your fabric cutting needs. Eastman is serving the apparel, aerospace, automotive, marine, industrial fabrics, composites, furniture and pool & spa industries. Address:  779 Washington Street Buffalo, New York 14203 USA Phone: 716-856-2200 Fax: 716-856-1140 Email: Contact: Elizabeth Hagen 

fashion directory  Fashionmark Solutions Inc. (Canada): they offer full 1st Pattern, grading and marking services for local and North American customers. They have been in business for of over 5 years with each one of their staff having over 15 years experience in manufacturing. Wide range of styles including Womens Sportswear, Mens Streetwear, Technical Outerwear, Childrens, and specialty. Services include Sizing Consultation, Specification Drawings, Graded Measurement Charts, Import and Export, Pattern publishing, Digitizing and Plotting. CAD System used: Optitex/tukacad, Karatcad, Adobe with Hardpaper plotting capabilities. Address: #301-343 Railway Street Vancouver, BC V6A 1A4 Canada Phone: 604-683-9279  Email:

fashion directory  Gemini CAD Systems: GEMINI CAD is a computerized system for designing, digitizing, grading and automatic nesting & pattern marking for apparel industry.

fashion directory  GRAFIS CAD software (Germany) is a software for pattern construction, grading and layplanning running on standard Personal Computers under Windows95 and above. It contains an extensive range of functions for pattern cutting and modification and is available at a very competitive price. Therefore, GRAFIS is in use in industry as well as in trade and education.

fashion directory
 Illustrator  /  Photoshop  (Adobe): Millions of designers, photographers, and artists around the world use Photoshop to make the impossible possible.

fashion directory  Nirvana Technologies Private Ltd.: Nirvana Technologies Pvt. Ltd. specializes in providing nesting software, material optimization technologies and custom software development services to CAD / CAM vendors world-wide.   In addition to their nesting technology, they have developed many complex engineering analysis applications for their clients.

fashion directory  OptiTex USA Inc.: specializes in the development of innovative, easy-to-operate, CAD/cAM solutions for sewn products and other related industries.  Their Microsoft Windows
based software packages for digitizing, pattern engineering, grading, marking, and advanced automatic nesting are specifically designed to meet the needs of today's manufacturers of industrial fabrics, apparel, upholstery, transportation, composites, home furnishings, and other sewn products.  Address: 325 West 38th St, Suite 1107, NY, NY 10018 Phone: 1-212-629-9053 Fax: 1-212-629-9055 Contact: Sales Dept. Email: 

fashion directory  Pad System: PAD System's mission is to offer high technological level CAD/cAM solutions that are efficient, simple and flexible to all individuals and companies involved in the apparel, textiles and leather industry as well as in 3D computer graphics. PAD System evolves with its customer. They believe that, through a personalized approach and by offering continuous first class support and training, PAD System and its clients will grow together with success.

fashion directory  Pattern Works is a garment design and pattern drafting service available to small manufacturers, pattern companies and designers. Pattern Works creates, sells and supports computer-aided design software, PWstudio, for both the educational and business communities. Pattern Works publishes educational support materials relating to CAD and the apparel field, and conducts workshops in CAD software.

fashion directory  Photoshop / Illustrator  (Adobe): Adobe Photoshop CS2 software, the professional image-editing standard and leader of the Photoshop digital imaging line, delivers more of what you crave. Groundbreaking creative tools help you achieve extraordinary results. Unprecedented adaptability lets you custom-fit Photoshop to the way you work. And with more efficient editing, processing, and file handling, there's no slowing you down.

fashion directory  Pointcarre USA: is one of the largest developer of Textile and apparel design software in the USA. Whether your goal is creating repeats, colorways, tonals, or separations they have software to fit your needs. Their technical Dobby and jacquard software interfaces with many of the machinery in the market.  Their software creates realistic fabric simulations of wovens, knits and prints, like never before seen.  Address: 241 west 37th street, NY NY 10018, suite 922 - 212-398-6680  Email:   Contact:  Steve Greenberg - President

fashion directory  Polygon Software (USA): Polygon Software provides end-to-end technology solutions for apparel, footwear and accessories businesses. Their solutions, known for their rapid low-cost implementation and robust function, are backed by an outstanding sales and support staff that's committed to your success.

 Polygon Software has two applications:

PolyNest is recognized as the easiest to use full-featured CAD on the market. They help manufacturer's of all sizes achieve dramatic productivity gains with fully integrated pattern design and marker making. PolyNest features free entry-level automatic marker making, outstanding pattern design, and support for a wide range of plotters, cutters and digitizers. Additional capabilities include a complete made-to-measure solution and a facility to position artwork on patterns.

PolyPM is an integrated Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that helps business increase sales, reduce costs, make better business decisions and improve customer service, by maximizing inventory, balancing supply with demand, managing product definition and tracking inventory from raw materials to distribution.

PolyPM Features: Costing and Tech Packs Budget styles and samples management, Inventory, sales orders, production, purchasing, receiving, shipping, invoicing. Discreet, outsourced, made-to-measure, serialized production models. Cut Planning, Production Planning, CRM functions, Best-of-breed Collaboration, Time & Action Calendars, Sourcing, EDI UPS, Fedex and Scan and Pack.

Customer surveys in Apparel Magazine and Gartners have consistently rated Polygon Software as a leader in customer support.  Address: 6 Reservoir Circle, Baltimore Maryland 21208 US Phone: 410.653.8004 Fax: 410.653.8022  Email:  Contact: Mickey Wohlmuth, VP Sales

fashion directory  Proel Srl (Italy): Software for design and manufacture of embroidery. Also, laser cutting and engraving equipment. Comprehensive product descriptions.

fashion directory  Pulse Microsystems (USA): Developers of software for embroidery design, design management and production. Detailed product information. On-line support and e-commerce services. List of global agents and distributors.

fashion directory  Quest CAD/cAM: Distributor of computer assisted cutting technologies both fully automatic & manual that include product development systems & CAD-CAM software, digitizers, plotters, KURIS CNC-cutter & spreader systems, hand cutting machines, servo cutters, cross cutters, band knife machines, spreading tables & slitting machines. Exclusive Distributor North America for KURIS (ISO 9001:2008 certified).

fashion directory  Reach Technologies (India)  is one of the largest apparel software company in India.   REACH is funded by Mr. N.S. Raghavan, Co-founder and former Joint Managing Director, Infosys. REACH clients include Gokaldas Images, Zodiac Clothing, Arvind Brands, Sonal Garments, Sailakshmi Creations, Texport Garments and Francis Wacziarg among many many others. REACH solutions enable apparel companies cut costs, increase revenue, enhance quality, retain customers, and assist in anticipating opportunities by creating a real-time extended enterprise.

REACH CAD is the software tool for pattern engineering, grading and marker planning for minimizing fabric consumption and supplying the sewing sections with accurate cut parts. REACH Cut Planner is the proven industry standard Cut Planning tool that uses techniques in combinatorial optimization and decision support to let you save significant quantities of fabric. REACH Merchandising Manager is the integrated Merchandising Management solution for effectively streamlining and integrating merchandising processes and optimally utilizing resources.

fashion directory  Rich Peace Technology Limited: was founded by six individual share holders in Hongkong in year 1992.Since her dubet , the company set her business scope as providing Texitile and Garment CAD/cAM total solutions to the world. With  Honesty & Credit: Professionism & Devotion; Stability & Healthy; Creativity & Innovation
as company motto, the company started from Embroidery products and has expanded the product lines into four major product series. Embrodiery series; Garment series; Quilting series and Flat knitting series.

fashion directory  ShopWorks LLC (USA): Developers of business software for the screen printing, embroidery and promotional products industries. Order management, job quoting and production control, purchasing, shipping and receiving, and accounting programs. On-line demos. Prices and FAQ. List of trade shows.

fashion directory  Sierra Srl (Argentina): Developers of digitizing software programs for design, presentation and production in the embroidery industry. Password protected customer area. English, Spanish and Portuguese.

fashion directory  SnapFashun Inc.  SnapFashun is software program for the fashion industry.  It works along with Adobe Illustrator to provide a interactive reference library as well as browser to store sketches. All SnapFashun Libraries include both details and items that can be 'snapped together, manipulated, altered and resized, so students can develop their own designs and portfolios. Also it quickly and easily teaches students the indispensable tools of Illustrator that the fashion industry requires. This teamed with their learning the correct names of fashion details and silhouettes is the beginning that gives them the verbal and technical skills required to work in the industry. All libraries include: a hard copy of the contents of the library, a manual, and a CD.  SnapFashun provides interactive fashion libraries of women's, men's and kid's items based on BGA's 25 years of fashion reporting experience covering the hottest selling items and details from Europe, Los Angeles and runway.  All SnapFashun Libraries work as a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator for Mac and Windows. All sketches are drawn to scale allowing for easy manipulation, alteration, and the interchanging of components for quick and accurate design generation.    Address: L.A., CA

fashion directory  Softeam Sas (Italy): Developers of software for embroidery, signage, engraving and multimedia applications. Programs for embroidery design, lettering and production. List of distributors and trade shows. Free, on-line updates.

fashion directory  TexMind UG is an independent textile software development company. Their focus lies in computer aided design (CAD) development and exclusive support in the area of textiles and composites. Furthermore, they also train new specialists in the special fields of their software – braiding, weaving, knitting and general textile technology. Their specialty is the development of complex 3D algorithms and software for the three dimensional presentation of the textile structures – braided, warp and weft knitted, woven and other special combinations.

fashion directory  Tukatech: CAD/cAM/cIM systems for the Sewn Goods Industry.  Their product line of automated systems include, TUKAstudio for fabric and Garment Design; TUKAcad for Pattern Design, Grading and Marking, TUKAjet family of High Speed Ink Jet Plotters; TUKAcut family of Single Ply Cutters; European Technology for Automatic Spreading and Cutting and TUKA-INA Systems for Unit Production Systems and Electronic Tracking in Sewing, Warehousing, Distribution and Manufacturing.  They assemble, install, train and support these Systems. With Head Quarters in Los Angeles, they have offices in San Francisco, New Delhi, Seoul, Milano, Toronto, Bangalore, Jaipur and Dominican Republic with demonstration and training facilities.  Address: 5527 E. Slauson Ave. Los Angeles, California USA  90040  Phone: 323-726-3836  Fax: 323-726-3866  Email:  Contact:  Rupi Arora, Chief Operating Officer

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