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  Audaces: From the creation to printing of patterns, Audaces solutions allow maximum use of time and raw materials in the industrial production process for Textiles and Clothing. The complete solution is formed by five products that can be acquired and used individually. They guarantee excellent communication between the production sectors and result in agility and economy for your company.  Audaces Apparel makes the apparel production process more agile by managing the steps of pattern design, grading, marker marking and plotting. The creation of hems, darts, button marks; measure checking and grading of patterns are some of the software's countless resources. Apparel generates markers for cutting patterns, this process is automatic and has two important advantages over the manual process: the first is in the saving of fabric, since the system reduces waste; the second is the time saved in the preparation of markers, which is reduced by 90%. Audaces Apparel allows conducting simulations that forecast fabric consumption, time of cut and the cost of the pieces. In this way, a company's purchasing, sales and production divisions can plan their activities in advance. The system is easy to use for any one after personalized training.

  Coventry Clothing (United Kingdom) The Clothing Centre's CAD/cAM Bureau has been providing design and technical support to the clothing and allied industries since 1988 and has given support to many major firms in the Midland's area.  Expert pattern cutters, graders and marker makers give you the opportunity to utilise the latest in CAD/cAM technology at a fraction of the cost.

  Tennyson Graphics Pty., Ltd: Comprehensive textile pre-press CAD services. Design, color separation, film production and screen engraving for flat bed and rotary printing processes. Also, web and desktop publishing, symbology, photo tooling and cartography design services.

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