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fashion directory  Bear Paper & Trim, Inc.: they sell all pattern making and sewing supplies, i.e., green and white pattern paper, dotted marking paper, muslin, plotter paper. Zippers, elastic, thread, scissors, ruler - all pattern making supplies. They have been in the garment center for over 30 years. They currently do business in the USA and worldwide.  Address: 100 Daly Boulevard Suite 1402 Oceanside, New York 11572 Phone (516) 678-9639 and our fax is (516) 678-0309 E-mail:  Contact: Alan Bale

fashion directory is an initiative of Plus Power Group BV.  They started 20 years ago, selling Fisher Plotter Pens. During this period they developed several plotter pens especially for use in the garment industry.  Today these plotter pens are used by all the leading companies in the garment industry.  Phone # (+31) 30 656 1025 Faxx: (+31) 30 656 email:  Contact: Martijn van der Meer

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