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This area is for the visual aspects of the apparel industry.  You can find information about color, fashion design, merchandising, fashion trends etc.  If you wish to have additional companies or relevant issues added, please Contact Us with your thoughts.  Merchandising is essentially the activity of promoting the sale of goods, especially by their presentation in retail outlets.  In fashion, merchandising can also refer to "merchandising a collection".  In other words preparing the presentation of a fashion collection.  When a fashion designer merchandises a line, many tasks are undertaken.

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Fashion merchandising and design are two of the most important aspects of the fashion industry. Fashion merchandising is the process of selecting, pricing, and marketing fashion products to consumers. It involves understanding the needs and desires of customers and creating a product mix that will meet those needs. Fashion design involves creating original styles, silhouettes, and fabrics that will be appealing to customers.

Fashion merchandising is a complex field that requires an understanding of the current trends in the fashion industry. Professionals in this field must stay up to date on the current fashion trends, as well as the latest marketing strategies. They must be able to identify potential target markets and create a product mix that will appeal to those customers. They must also be able to effectively promote the products they create.

Fashion design is a creative process that involves creating unique styles and silhouettes. Designers must be able to take a concept and turn it into a reality. They must be able to identify current trends, create innovative designs, and develop the technical skills necessary to bring those designs to life.

Fashion merchandising and design are both essential to the success of any fashion business. The right product mix and designs must be in place in order to entice customers and drive sales. Professionals in this field must have a thorough understanding of the fashion industry and be able to create products that will meet customer needs. They must also be able to effectively market and promote their products in order to maximize their profits.

Fashion Merchandising Relevant Companies

Fashion Trend Forecasting Tips - trend forecasting website.

Color Trends - color trends website.

fashion directory  24seven Inc.: freelance professionals ready to help you with any staffing needs right now. If you want Apparel Designers, CAD Designers, Patternmakers, Technical Designers, Graphic Designers, or Production Talent, give them a call or visit them on-line. Contact us in New York at 212-966-4426 or Los Angeles at 310-587-2772

fashion directory  Alvisi e Alvisi (Italy) Design studio for jacquard woven fabrics for the home furnishing industry. Development of jacquard files. Consulting services for fabric construction, weave patterns, yarns and colors.

fashion directory  Apparel Design: ADIG designers and merchandisers will develop a line for you from the ground up. Using traditional methods and state of the art CAD systems, they will develop all aspects of your line from theme, color direction, fabrications, graphics and packaging to SKU plans, flat sketches and specifications. They also develop all materials needed for merchandising and sales presentations.

fashion directory  Asia Song Design: Valerie Gregori McKenzie studied design in Paris at the famed ESMOD College of Design, and subsequently worked in well known fashion houses in Europe and the USA before starting up her own label. Her inspiration comes from blending European elegance and contemporary trends with Asian delicate techniques, motifs or craftsmanship thus giving a precious in temporel character to her designs.

fashion directory  Attiyaz (Pakistan): they are a design studio. Their main function is to cater the design needs of different apparel manufacturers. The designs made, range from upholstry to swimwear.  Not only that, they also house a printing unit for t-shirts.  Address: 320 a/1 gulberg 3  Lahore 54660 Pakistan  Phone: 092-0425755565 or 092-03204838176 Email: Contact:  Ayesha  Attiya (director)

fashion directory  Carlos Alberto: Interior designer Carlos Alberto Gutierrez created Geometrix, a modular display system for retail stores, produces high-end contract furniture for hospitality clients like MGM Grand, Wynn Design Hotel, The Bellagio Spa, Venetian Hotel and his own signature CA Collection of fine ultra-modern furniture. A CA-designed bathroom collection for Kreativ Style launches next season. Formerly the creative director of antique reproductions for famed Hollywood decorator Waldo Fernandez, Carlos attracts a discerning residential clientele including famed volleyball player Gabriel Reece, Holly McPeak, Denzel Washington, executives from Microsoft, Superb Records and Disney. Appearances on various television programs, including a feature with Lynette Jennings on Discovery Network and a special design project for E! Style network's AREA show. For ultra-modern, cutting edge furniture and interiors contact

fashion directory  Color Association of the US (CAUS)  is America's oldest forecasting organization issuing an annual interiors chart; seasonal fashion forecasts in the fields of women's, men's and children's clothing.

fashion directory  Color Communications Inc.: At Color Communications, Inc., they use the power of color to help define companies and distinguish their products in the marketplace.

fashion directory  Color Marketing Group (CMG): Color Marketing Group (CMG), founded in 1962 and based in Alexandria, Virginia, USA, is an international, not-for-profit Association of 1,600 Color Designers. Color Designers are professionals who enhance the function, salability and/or quality of a product through their knowledge and appropriate application of color. CMG members forecast Color Directions one to three years in advance for all industries, manufactured products and services.

fashion directory  Color Portfolio, Inc.: COLOR PORTFOLIO is a full service color, trend and communications marketing company. In existence for over 20 years, COLOR PORTFOLIO offers color and trend presentation cards to the apparel, accessory and home markets, providing directional, merchandisable and understandable recommendations for successful color and textile marketing. In addition, COLOR PORTFOLIO offers merchandised coverage of the men's, women's and kids' runway outlining color, fabric and textile direction, and styling and design specifics. Location: 201 East 17th Street New York, NY 10003 Phone: 212-677-1189 or 212-460-8989 Fax: 212-979-1323 Email:  

fashion directory  Color Solutions: Color Solutions International is the leading service provider in color communication for the entire textile supply chain. Meeting customers' requirements for a constant improvement in quality; reduction in costs; and lead time is their motivation.

fashion directory  Confexicon: A Holland-based firm, confeXicon [R], is developing a symbols-based sourcing communications system that is designed to reduce verbal communications errors in the worldwide apparel product development and production processes. The confeXicon system, is based on a database of approximately 2,300 sketches of typical apparel industry production procedures, seams and garment parts, from cuffs to fasteners. The database also encompasses line art of positions on the human body that are commonly discussed in the apparel product development and production processes.

fashion directory  Corporate Design Foundation: It is the mission of the Foundation to improve the quality of life and effectiveness of organizations through design. At the heart of this mission is a desire to expand the awareness of design through the education of corporate leaders, managers and public sector executives. Through its programs, the Foundation promotes the research and documentation of the impact of design in business, and the development of new teaching curricula and materials for use in business education.

fashion directory  Datacolor International: Datacolor International is one of  the world's leading supplier of instruments, software, and systems to communicate and manage color in industry.  For over 25 years, they have helped customers in all industries where color is important - paint, plastics, textiles, ink, printing, paper, food, automotive and many others.  From software for fast, precise communication of color to instruments that measure color with highest accuracy, their solutions enable customers to bring the right color from mind to market quickly and efficiently.  Datacolor International is a subsidiary of the Swiss company Eichhof Holding AG, located in Lucerne, Switzerland.

fashion directory  Design Archives (AIGA) :  AIGA Design Archives is one of the richest online resources available to those who practice, study, and appreciate great design. Dating back to 1924, it includes more than 20,000 selections from AIGA's national juried design competitions and documents the shifting aesthetics and sensibilities of the designers of the day and features: packaging, corporate communications, brand and identity systems, typography, editorial design and illustration, and experience design.

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