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In the Fashion Trends Guide section of the Apparel Search directory, our goal is to provide you with resource to assist you with trend analysis.

Follow your own heart when it comes to fashion.  Don't take a risk on fashion just because others are doing it.  Find the fashion that fits you best.

Fashion Statements & Trends

Due to the fact that fashion forecasting and fashion trends are extremely important aspects of the fashion industry, there is an entire segment of the apparel industry based around the subject of trend spotting, trend forecasting, and subsequently trend reporting.  Below you will find a few resources to assist you with staying in style and trendy.

  Fashion Forecasting Services  

◊  Color Trend Forecasting Services

Top Fashion Trends

Pinterest Fashion Trends

Consumer Fashion Tips

Learn more about fashion and fashion trends:

Trend Reports

Eye On Fashion

Trend Boards

Best Trend Resources

Color Trends

Shopstyle Trends

Here is an example of a fashion trend service: Mudpie Fashion Trends

Fashion Trend Books:

Fashion Trends

Pantone Books / Pantone Color of the Year

Fashion Books

Merchandising Books

Textile Books


Fashion Trends

If you really want to know what fashion is currently in trend, you should ask the smartest members of the fashion industry.

If you work for a fashion trend services company, please make sure that your company is listed in this section.  It will be beneficial to you as well as other members of the fashion industry that are seeking trend services.

RJ Visits Fashion Museum 2013

RJ Europe Fashion Trip 2009

RJ Europe Fashion Trip 2008

If you have a fashion trend service and you would like a summary of your service highlighted on Apparel Search, you are welcome to contact us.

Thank you for being so darn stylish.