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What are trends?  Trends are the general direction in which something is developing or changing.  It is when style choices for clothing footwear or fashion accessories are changing or developing in a certain direction.  The fashion trends indicate what is trending toward being popular or something slipping toward becoming out of style.  The trends show us the direction of the apparel, textile or footwear market.

Clothing brands & designers must carefully monitor short-term & long-term consumer buying trends.

Color, fabrics, garment silhouettes are adjusted by designers as fashion trends change.  As a designer learns of new hot trendy colors or fabrics, they may begin to incorporate their finding into their collections.  Spotting new trends & adjusting to them is one of the key roles of a successful designer or brand.  It is critical to a companies success to understand what is trending in the market & reacting to changes quickly.  Spotting current direction and forecasting future movements are key for both emerging designers as well as long established popular brands.

A fashion trend signifies a specific look or style expression that is spread across a population at a specific time and place.  Color, fabric, texture, embellishments, silhouette, etc., all play a significant role in fashion trends.

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How to spot trends in fashion.

Current trends can be international or regional.  Unless the fashion gods speak to you directly, you may have to put in the time & effort to research & determine the top fashion trends near you.  Sometimes it is as simple as venturing out of your home and monitoring local street styles, but sometimes you may need help from professional stylists or other trend spotting resources.

Fashion Trend News - research by reading what others have described.  Don't really only on your own judgment Although, you are usually correct, it is good to review opinions of others.  Utilize the research that journalists have put into their news articles & blog posts.

Fashion Influencers - a fashion influencers technique on influencing fashion trends is a tried and true word of mouth method of marketing. Influencers share their thoughts & tips on what is popular and their message spreads which helps drive a potential trend further.  A the follower count grows so does the potential influence.

Fashion Accessory Trends - apparel is important but so is the belts, gloves, hats, scarves, etc., that you utilize to accessorize your outfit.  Accessory trends are certainly as important as shoe trends and clothing trends.

Keep en eye out for what is trending on social media.  Social influencers help drive style choices.

Finding the top fashion trends is not always the easiest task.  You might need help from a qualified fashion trend forecasting service.

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