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Can you guess what is trending on the internet?  You guessed it correctly if you said the word "trending".  For some reason the term has become hugely popular as the fashion influencers seek to have their message heard.

The word trending is currently popular & widely discussed online, especially on social media websites.  The concept is that if something is trending it is actively being discussed or viewed.  Often this works in conjunction with information being shared or spread around the internet or on a particular social platform.

When clothing styles or fashion brands are trending, they are being seen by a wider audience.  This is beneficial when trying to market products to consumers.

In years past something like this may have been referenced as "buzz".  For example, "the dress she wore on the red carpet certainly created a great deal of buzz for the dress designer".   In today's world we may say something like, "the dress she wore on the red carpet is trending on social media".  This term is generally thought of as a good thing.  However, a style can be trending online because people are ridiculing the garment as well.  Not all publicity is good publicity.

Trending fashion can be long or short lived.  Often times things that are trending only last until the next big thing comes along.  Their is an endless supply of new events, photos, videos, and news to keep people bouncing along to the next hot topic.

Clothing, shoes, jewelry, makeup, etc., as well as people can trend in a positive or negative way.  Often times publicity is good, but it can also backfire if you are trending for a negative reason.  For example, if you wear something ridiculously out of style.

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Trending Fashion

How do designers & fashion brands get their brand to trend well?

Viral marketing is a fabulous technique for established popular brands as well as emerging designer brands.  Viral marketing fashion brands can help develop brand awareness as well as lead to buyer purchase decisions.

Influencers are very concerned about how to get their videos trending on YouTube or how to get their posts shared on Instagram.  It is an important aspect of marketing for certain.

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Do you consider yourself to be a stylish person?  Be sure to follow your heart and you will always be trendy.

If something is trending, it may be moving in a particular direction.  For example, you are trending toward success (moving toward success) if you gained knowledge reading this page.

Learn about wearable fashion trends as well.

Please don't start a new style trending if it is a frugly design.