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How can you be something if you don't know the meaning?  Well, time to read up on the subject.

Trendy people pay attention to fashion trends.

Being trendy is fashionable but not necessarily unique.  If you buy trendy clothes it is typically clothing that is "popular".  Clothes, shoes, or accessories that are popular at a particular time in history are often worn by many people.  Obviously, if something is "worn by many people", it can't be that unique.  Definitely can be stylish, but not necessarily distinctively unique.

A trend is a general direction in which something is developing or changing.  In regard to clothing, it is something that is in vogue, in style, popular, etc.

Trendy clothing is up to date with the latest trends and very fashionable.

If someone is trendy, it is assumed that they wear trendy shoes, clothes, accessories, etc.  The outfits worn are current and considered to be in fashion or in style at the moment. 

When a particular style of apparel or footwear is favored, it can be a long term trend or one that is short lived.

What is a long term trend?

Long-term refers to something that occurs over a significant period of time or occurs often. 

When we think about apparel that is often in style our minds turn to the little black dress.  The little black dress is so versatile it is almost always trendy.  Long-term fashion trends help us make sense of consumer demand both now and in the future.  Although a long term trend can help designers determine what to produce for next season, their are no guarantees.  Trends help us get an idea of what to expect in the years ahead, but obviously predictions & outcomes change.  Even "long-term" can suddenly come to an end.  Consumers are fickle and change is rapid and often.

What is a short term trend?

Consumers interests or affection to a particular brand changes frequently.  Short-term fashion trends are often referenced as a "fad".  A fad is an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something.  Especially an intensely popular interest that is short-lived.  Fashion fads are often thought of as a craze.  Consumers get all worked up over a particular style, color, brand, fabric, etc.  A fad can be trendy twist on pants, shoes, outerwear etc., or the creation of an entirely new category of apparel.  Parachute pants are an example of a fad that took place in the 1980's.

Being trendy is a high effort achievement for some and a simple natural occurrence for others.  In other words some people are naturally trendy and others have to work at staying up to date with the latest fashion.

In the fashion industry their is an entire business model based around trend forecasting or trend spotting.  Popular fashion designers as well as new emerging designers will pay forecast agencies to help them find the next hot trend.  International or domestic agencies are available to help manufacturers, retailers, & designers determine the most current & future fashion trends & color trends.

Tools used by the apparel industry to spot trends:

Trend Boards - trend boards are a visual aid used for assessing the current fashion market.  Companies can visually present ideas to members of their own business or to other companies.

Trend Reports - trend reports are an analysis of past, present, or future trending styles.  This is a method to research what is hot or what is not in regarding to clothing, shoes, handbags, fabrics, etc.

What is trending at the moment in the international marketplace?

Being trendy is often relevant to location as well as season.  What is trending in one part of the world may not be trending in another region.  For example, mukluks might be trendy in Alaska during winter, but they are certainly not popular in Jamaica in the summer.

When you are searching for the top fashion trends to keep yourself as trendy as possible, please make sure that you are reading news & paying attention to local inspiration.  Certainly it is OK to venture outside the box and seek inspiration globally, but if you want to be trendy for your neck of the woods, be sure to conduct research locally as well.  In addition to proximity, the climate & weather is important.  Search for the top fashion trends this season rather than dress for the wrong time of year.

How to spot what is trendy fashion now?

It is always important to keep your eye on fashion trends.  Obviously getting outside your house and venturing into town would be a good method.  But if you are feeling lazy today and simply want to search online for the current styles that are popular, you can read fashion trend news.  You can also find fashion trend news reports by utilizing the social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook.  You can also try Pinterest and others.

Trendy Fashion

What is the most trendy fashion this year?

Visit your favorite boutique, department store, or online shop to find out.

Who helps make products popular?

Have you heard about the fashion influencers.  Fashion influencers help make stylish products popular.

If you read blogs, magazines, and keep your head from being buried in the sand, you will most likely be able to keep up with the latest fashion trends.  Keeping up with the latest news will help keep you trendy.

Watch out for the Europe fashion trend trap.  Don't get caught off-guard.

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If you are planning on making a fashion statement, take your time to consider your outfits wisely.

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