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The fashion industry is all about trends... Trends this, and trends that.. Did you catch the latest fashion trend? 

Due to the fact that fashion forecasting and fashion trends are extremely important aspects of the fashion industry, there is an entire segment of the apparel industry based around the subject of trend spotting, trend forecasting and subsequently trend reporting.  After all, it does not only matter that a trend exists.  It is important to "report" the trend to others.

Why view trend reports?  Obviously, to stay trendy.

Trend reporting is accomplished in a few different ways.  Both consumers and members of the fashion industry can learn about fashion trends in fashion magazines and fashion newspapers (online and offline).  However, for the professional designer or fashion merchandiser, obtaining fashion trend information from a fashion news resource would not be the most convenient or practical method.
Certainly designers can spot trends by visiting clothing stores, trade shows, fashion week events, fashion shows, etc.  However, this to is not necessarily the best method.  Even if you had unlimited financial resources, you may not wish to travel all over the world to visit every single international fashion event.  Hence, the best option for the fashion industry professionals that wish to stay on top of the latest fashion trends would be a "trend report".
The fashion trend report is a tool to help you analyze the most current status of fashion.  The trend reports are typically created by trend forecasting companies that specialize in monitoring the apparel and textile industry.  They attend international fashion events, visit fashion trade shows, shop fashion boutiques, watch fashion celebrities, etc.  They do all of these things so that you do not have to...  They then organize the information and images into a convenient report.  The only negative issue is that they do not do this out of the kindness of their hearts.  They actually charge you for these reports. 
Apparel Search provides many resources to assist members of the fashion industry stay on trend.  For example, the fashion week photos website provides access to some of the worlds leading fashion events.  In addition, you can visit the fashion designer section and the fashion celebrity section on Apparel Search to view daily updates regarding your favorite designers and celebs.
Some fashion trend companies will charge per report.  Others will provide unlimited access for a yearly fee (or other length of time).  You would have to check directly with the fashion trends companies to determine the options that they offer.
You will find that the international apparel community has several top notch fashion forecasters.  Some work individually as consultants and others work for large trend analysis companies.  Regardless if they work for large companies or work for themselves, these trendy individuals help shape and influence the themes, style, design and color direction for the worlds leading fashion companies. 
Fashion accessories as well as clothing trends are typically listed in the trend reports.  Most trend analysis companies will provide numerous reports each season.  They most likely have a separate trend report for menswear, women swear and kids fashion.  The trend reports may also be separated by more then only gender or age.  The fashion trend reports may be arranged by outerwear trend reports, sportswear trend reports, casual clothing reports, formalwear reports, accessories trend report, footwear reports, handbag reports, etc.
  • The trend reports essentially contain future predictions.
  • The trend reports are beneficial to fashion designers, fashion merchandisers, apparel manufacturers, clothing retailers, etc.
  • Trend reports can be segmented by region of the world, gender, age range, garment category, etc.
  • Trend reports can contain fashion images as well as fashion text.  Online reports can also include audio and vide.
It is critical to know where your customers (consumers), are headed.  You do not only need to know what they are wearing now, but you need to know what they will be wearing next season.  You want to make sure that you are produce "now", what they will be wearing in the future.  You most certainly do not want to be caught off trend and have your customer purchase from your competition.

In theory, the trend report does most of the work for you.  However, a keen fashion designer / fashion merchandiser must be on hand to sort thru the report to determine what is most appropriate for a particular company.  Keep in mind that not all trend reports are created equal.  Certainly, some can be offering poor advise.  It is important to evaluate the trend report supplier as well as each individual report.

Trend reports often focus on the consumers needs and wants.  The reports generally cover numerous current consumer trends and numerous consumer trend forecasts.  Again, each company may have different information, so make sure to check to see what details they include in the analysis.

Learn about trending fashion.

Here are a few companies that offer trend reports to the fashion industry:

Perclers Paris  : Perclers Paris publishes numerous trend books each season.

Stylesight: Stylesight is a team of seasoned and accomplished industry insiders whose extensive careers traverse the fields of fashion design, trend analysis, forecasting, reporting, merchandising and apparel manufacturing.

Tobe Report: provides in-depth fashion and retail analysis, trend forecasting, product and brand development, merchandising and strategic planning and market news. For over 75 years, Tobe’s experienced, respected retail consultants have monitored the global marketplace with an unbiased eye. 

Now that you understand a bit more about trend reports, you can find fashion trend forecasting companies in the fashion forecasting section.

You may also have an interest in fashion trend books.  These books are different then trend reports, but you may enjoy them.

Written by ML at Apparel Search April 2009

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