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What are fashion colors? 

The term "Fashion Colors" is a rather broad term.  The reality is that any color in the known universe can be a fashion color.  Basically, a fashion color is the color of an article of clothing or fashion accessory.  Please accept my apology if you had been searching for a more scientific answer.  The boring truth of the matter is that a fashion color is simply any color that which a fashion designer can utilize to create his or her fashion collection.

Via the use of dyes or inks, greige good (textiles before dyeing or printing) are turned into fabrics of color.  The color is for the most part without limits.  If the shade of color exists in nature, it may be duplicated onto fabrics. Note: their may be exceptions. 

Due to the fact that nearly any color can be created on fabric, the challenge for the fashion industry is to produce the colors that consumers actually wish to purchase.  The task of color selection typically falls on the shoulders of the fashion designers and fashion merchandisers.  A clothing companies collection most certainly can strive or sink based on the colors selected for each aspect of the garment. 

Keep in mind that a garment does not necessarily have only one color.  The designer may use multiple colors in the base fabric as well as the trimming (buttons, threads, twill tapes, zipper pulls etc.).  When selecting garment color, the primary fabric color is clearly the most critical.  However, it is very important to take the trim colors seriously as well.  One poor selection on a minor trim component a designer may cause great harm to a collection.

What is the goal of the fashion designer when selecting fashion colors?

This is a rather tricky question.  Although I do not have confirmation, it is fairly safe for me to assume that a fashion designer will attempt to develop colors based on what they "think" the consumer would appreciate.  After all, a designer is only successful if their product sells at retail.  If they do not design with this consumer in mind, the designer will fall short of his or her aspirations.

How do designers select fashion colors?

Although "some" fashion designers are self absorbed and believe any color they select is perfect, the majority of designers conduct research prior to selecting final colors for their line.  Each designer may use a different process for evaluating color choices.  Some methods include, in store research, developing trend boards, magazine clippings, fashion trend services, attending fashion events, international travel, etc.

Many experienced fashion designers will utilize many or all of the methods above.

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Note to Apparel Manufacturers:  It is important to note that each fabric is not created equal.  If the fashion designer is mixing a 100% cotton fabric and a 100% polyester fabric trim onto the same garment, the dye house would most likely use a different formula for dyeing or printing color.  As each are different dye lots etc., matching the color of the two fabrics can become a challenge for the manufacturer.  During the manufacturing process, make certain to obtain lab dips for each of the trim items so that you can make sure colors match prior to moving to the cut and sew process.
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