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Trend boards are basically presentation boards that would be used by members of the fashion industry to make fashion relevant presentations.  The boards can be presented internally at ones own company, to buyers, or to any other company that would normally need to view a presentation.  The boards can be hard copies on paper or in a electronic format.

Trend boards allow for visual presentations that are created as a result of a cursory research of the fashion market, fashion trends, and fashion forecasting.  Essentially a trend board is a visual aid used for internally assessing the current fashion environment or for a company to visually present ideas to other companies.  For examples, trend boards can be presented to buyers so that they can review your collections general concept direction (the general feel or tone of the collection).  The trend board does not necessarily have to detail the exact pieces in a collection.  After internal or external review of the trend boards, other people can comment back regarding their thoughts on the general direction.  If you hear a great deal of negative feedback, it may be time to go back to the drawing board (try again...).

Fashion companies that take the time to do basic homework and investigate what is currently going on in the market will stay ahead of the game.  After you understand the latest fashion trends, it is important to create trend boards.  Although you may have fashion concepts in your head, it is important to get the concepts on paper (or electronic) in a nice presentation format for others to review. 

Keep in mind that the trend boards are visual layouts that give a comprehensive overview of your thoughts on fashion market behavior for next season. This includes trend direction such as silhouettes, color direction, print design and pattern inspirations.  When developing your boards, you can also include competitors brand silhouettes, print and patterns, embroideries, trimming techniques etc.  Obviously, you can not use your competitors concepts in final presentations, but for trend analysis you can review all that the market has to offer.

Although trend boards are primarily used as broad illustrations regarding trend direction, you can also use boards to be very specific and show the exact items that you plan to promote for the season (these boards may be better termed as concept boards or presentation boards rather then trend boards).  If you are a sportswear company, the boards can contain only sportswear that you plan to present to buyers.  Or you can utilize various categories of the industry simply to display concepts for color.  If that is the case, you can certainly mix sportswear with dresses, footwear, handbags and more.

Fashion forecasting and fashion design studios offer trend board services.  If you do not feel that your internal design team is prepared to work on these items alone, you certainly should consult with outside services for assistance.  As I am sure you have heard, a picture can say more that a thousand words... The trend boards assist fashion companies with expressing their thoughts.  Make sure you develop professional boards.  If external help is needed, do not not hesitate to ask for help.

Trend boards are also referenced as mood boards.  Some people also refer to similar boards as story boards, or concept boards.  There is very possibly a difference between a trend board, story board, mood board, and concept board.  However, I personally do not know the exact differences.  If you know the difference, please contact us with you suggestions and ask us to update the trend boards term page.

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Written by ML at Apparel Search April 2009

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