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OK, this one is a bit silly.  However, I could not resist adding to our terms directory the fashion term "Europe Fashion Trend Trap".  Today I wrote a blog post at the Fashion Industry Network regarding fashion trends.  In the post, I accidentally developed a new term that I thought sort of makes sense...

Europe Fashion Trend Trap : The Europe Fashion Trend Trap is thinking that hot fashion trends in Europe will also sell well in the United States.  Often, fashion designers from the United States travel to Europe to investigate fashion trends.  They return to the USA with garment bags full of samples and stories of their shopping adventures...  When all is said and done, the designers meet with their design teams and company management and develop their collection.  Much of which is based off the samples they purchased over seas.  The Europe Fashion Trend Trap comes into play, when a USA designer falls into the trap of believing that a style will do well simply because the garment sold well in Europe.  The fact of the matter is that Milan and Chicago each have a unique taste in fashion.

If you are taking a trend spotting trip to Florence or any other European location, be careful not to fall into the trap..

If you are interested in learning more about trend spotting, you can try the fashion trends & forecasting section here on Apparel Search.

If you can not keep up with the latest fashion trends, possibly you should try looking at a fashion trend board or purchase a fashion industry trend report.


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