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Welcome to the World of Clothing, Fashion, & Textiles.  In this section of our international clothing industry directory, you will find various links to worldly information regarding garments, shoes, and accessories that are relevant to our industry.  Our goal is to provide you with access to clothing industry information, products, and resources from various countries and regions around the world. 

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The garment industry is a major contributor to the economies of many countries.  The world of fashion plays a vital role in international trade.  Below you will find access to countries that participate in the design, manufacturing, or retailing of apparel.









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The apparel industry or garment industry summarizes the types of trade along the lifecycle of clothes, footwear, and fashion accessories.  Starting with the textile industry, they are producers of fiber and fabrics.  Members of the international textile industry are producers of cotton, wool, fur, and other natural or synthetic fiber.  Fabric mills from around the globe will then convert such fiber into fabrics that can be utilized to manufacturer clothes.  The fashion industry takes the cloth and creates product for consumers.  The fashion designers will evaluate past & present trends with the goal of forecasting future trends.  They will then design, manufacturer, and sell product to distributors, retailers or directly to consumers.  These are only a few of the steps that the international fashion industry will follow.  The supply chain is actually filled with many more procedures when moving product from fiber to fashion in the international apparel market.

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We hope that the country guide above helps you find the resources that you were hoping to locate.  The international business of fashion is very diverse. You will find that many countries offer great resources for the fashion industry.  This guide will help you find clothing factories, shoe manufacturers, textile mills, trims & notions, and much more.  In addition to finding suppliers of components such as zippers, buttons, garment labels, hangtags, clothes hangers, etc., you will also find companies offering services.  Find pattern makers, fabric cutters, embroidery services, textile printers, etc.