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  BROKK: they have machines second hand as Durkopp, Rimoldi, Schwalbach, Kuris, Willcox, Maimin, Address: rue Francart, 12 Brussels 1050 Belgium  Phone:  32 / 495 / 20 - 86 - 72  or  32 / 495 / 99 - 64 -56  Email:  Contact:  "Yves Crevecoeur" - Owner OR "Hugues Crevecoeur" - Coordinator

  Career Jet : This career search engine will help you find fashion jobs or textile jobs in Belgium. is an employment search engine for Belgium. It allows you to search a growing selection of jobs listed on company sites as well as jobsites in one go saving you the trouble of having to go to each site individually.

  Chrandels Fashion / Adimo: Chrandels fashion is a manufacture/wholesaler of ladies evening-bridal dresses [under own label "Chrandels"] and mens costums [under own label ADIMO] Address: Elderenstraat 94-96 Tongeren Belgium Phone:+32 12 458993 Fax: +32 12 671496 E-mail:   Contact name: Chris Cornelissen

  European Association for Textile Polyolefins:

  Global Ostrich Leather  / Nouvelta Design Address:  62/12 ave Bel Air Brussels 1180 Belgium Phone: 32.495.49.05.69  Fax:  32.2.521.60.66 Email:  Contact: Kevin Reiss

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: Ostrich leather in crust
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: Ostrich raw skins

   Kristina: they are making a Belgian young designers plus size collection (US-Size 12-30) for women.  Address:  Beverlose Steenweg 311  Paal-Beringen 3583 Belgium  Phone:  32 11 455500 Fax:  32 11 45 55 50  Email:

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: clothing
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: women's
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: plus-size

  Nouvelta Design / Global Ostrich Leather: their company is +50 years old.  They manufacture top quality leather-goods.  They have their own brand "Kevin Reiss" and a famous Belgium fashion designer "Olivier Strelli".  Their company has worked with some of the biggest names in fashion. (Galliano, Morabito Paris & Bally etc...)  They can also make private label.  Address:  129 reu Brogniez, Brussels  1070 Belgium  Phone:  32.2.521.47.97  Fax: 32.2.521.60.66  Email:  Contact: Karin Reiss

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: Leather Handbags
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: Fashion Handbags
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: Small leather goods

  Oostrotex NV: Oostrotex is a manufacturer of polypropylene based yarns.  They produce flat, air textured and false twist textured yarns in a wide range of counts and colors.  All of these are used in different applications, weaving and knitting.  Address: Filliersdreef 23-27 Deinze 9800 Belgium  Phone: 32-9-381 55 10 or 32-9-381 55 11 Fax:  32-9-381 55 20  Email:  Contact:  Mr Michiel Leys, Plant Manager

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: Harmolon
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: Harmolan
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: Harmofil
  • Manufacturer Item # 4: Polypropylene FDY
  • Manufacturer Item # 5: Polypropylene POY
  • Manufacturer Item # 6: Air Textured yarn
  • Manufacturer Item # 7: False Twist Textured yarn

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  Royal Academy of Fine Arts - Fashion Department (Belgium) In the beginning of the eighties, the fashion world and the international media started to get interested in Antwerp fashion designers. From then on, the fashion department of the Royal Academy shared in this international interest, not in the least because of the continuous quality of the collections designed by some of the now aforementioned famous ex-students and a new generation of designers as Wim Neels, Veronique Branquinho, A.F. vandevorst, Jurgi Persoons, Stephan Schneider, Angelo Figus, Bernhard Willhelm, Anke Loh, Christophe Charon, Bruno Pieters, Tim Van Steenbergen, Marjolijn Van den heuvel and Haider Ackermann amongst many others.

  • Fashion School

  Steverlynck NV:  Commission dyeing and finishing of textile yarns and fabrics. Also, contract coating services. English, Dutch, French and German.

  Symantex - Belgium Textile Machinery Association

  Tulips Lingerie: Brussels, Belgium is a new innovative player in the luxury lingerie world, which produces custom and perfect fitting lingerie through 3-bodyscanning and a high tech production.

  • Lingerie Manufacturer

  YMATEC (Belgium):  they purchase and they sell textile machines and complete plants.  Second hand textile machinery such a weaving looms, sewing machines, etc.  YMATEC bvba Tel: +32 57 22 45 33 | Fax: +32 57 20 89 33 Office & Warehouse: Industry Zone, Albert Dehemlaan 31 | BE-8900 Ieper -Belgium e-mail:

  • Buying and selling used textile machinery

  YSR sprl Import- Export / Tarcha-Tex Manufacturing (Belguim): producer of the following products: fabrics for curtains Jacquard upholstery Voile Satin Roller blinds - sun protection, anti-fire fabrics and non-anti-fire fabrics, Waterproof fabrics, Bed Linen, Mixed fabrics  Address: 30, rue de la Clinique 1070- Bruxelles (Belgique) Fax: +32 (02) 523 22 17 GSM+32 (0475)224674

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