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Do you have your eye on fashion?  Do you really???  What does this mean exactly.

Eye on FashionIf you have your eye on fashion, this simply means that you are aware of your fashionable surroundings.  You are keen to pay attention to the fashion that you wear as well as the fashion worn by others around you.  When a person has their eye on fashion, they are generally aware of their immediate space, but they are also eager to understand "what is in fashion" in other locations of the world.  In order to have your eye on fashion, it is not mandatory to follow fashion trends on an international basis.  However, knowing your local fashion trends is clearly a requirement.  If you do not know the trends in your region, you do not properly have your eye on fashion...

If you wish to progress beyond simply having your eye on fashion, you may wish to try and become a fashionistaA fashionista will typically be interested in the fashion scene in their own town, city, country.  But they are also well studied in regard to international fashion trends.  When you are aware of fashion trends on a global basis, you would clearly have an eye on fashion (and possibly qualify to become a fashionista).  Actually, if you become a certified fashionista and an expert and have a true understanding of the international clothing market you may qualify for having TWO eyes on fashion.  Rather then simply having "an eye on fashion"...

If your eye is on fashion, I assume you are watching out for the latest fashion trends.  You would most likely be keeping your eye on fashion by reading up on the most current fashion news and shopping at the most trendy boutiques.  Possibly, you are also attending fashion shows to view the current seasons fashion collection.  Obviously, you would not only be at the fashion event to only see the fashion designers and models.  As you are attempting to keep your eye on fashion, you are most likely monitoring the outfits of the fashion celebrities in the crowd.  Regardless if you are there to view the female fashion celebs, male fashion celebs, fashion designers, or models, the important thing is to keep your eyes moving quickly so that you can adequately take in all the fashion around you.  

Tip: When you are at fashion week or any other fashion activity, be very careful NOT to sneeze.  When you sneeze, you eyes close and you may miss something important.

Anyway, I assume that if you have your eye on fashion, you have your finger clearly on the pulse of the fashion market.


If you have a good sense of fashion, you are most likely keeping your eye on fashion.

Are you staying as trendy as you can possibly be?  Please try your best, we are watching.

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