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You often hear the terms Spring Fashion, Fall Fashion, Winter Fashion, Summer Fashion.  In fact, if you follow the fashion scene, you will also be familiar with the combined terms such as "Spring/Summer" or "Fall/Winter.  Typically, when a designer launches a new collection it contains garments to be worn during a particular time of year (warm weather vs. cold weather).  Generally, the fabric construction and color would be selected appropriately for a particular season.  However, some times designers get a bit off track and throw caution to the wind when designing.  You may catch on the runway colors or fabrics that most people may think are not appropriate for the particular season of the collection.  Anyway, a designer will typically indicate the year of the collection and the season.  For example, the collection that is designed to be worn in spring of 2008 would be referenced as the "2008 Spring Collection".  The year and season reference may also include the designers name.  For example, "Ralph Lauren Spring 2008 Collection"

In this section we have created a search to find Fall Fashions and Spring Fashions for a select group of fashion designers.  You will find fashion photos, fashion news, fashion blog articles and more.  Please note that this is a search technology and may not always return the absolute best results.  For example, even though you are investigating fall fashions, you may see some spring...  Well, we do our best and we hope you enjoy what you see...

Fashion Designer Fall Collections

Fashion Designer Spring Collections

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