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Fall Fashion Shows are not shows that are shown in the Fall.  The Fall Fashion Shows display the fashion designers fall collections (heavier weight fabrics, fall colors, etc.)

Fall Fashion Shows : guide to fall fashion and fall fashion showsFashion shows are typically held to promote the fashion designers clothing line to key retail store buyers and the international press.   Runway collections may consist from Haute Couture or Ready-to-Wear, to casual clothing and swimwear or any other category of clothing (note, the fall fashion collections normally would not show swimwear or shorts).

The fall shows are for the fashion designers to display the collection that they intend to sell to the stores for the following fall selling season.

Often the shows are referenced as "Fall/winter" or "Fall-Winter" or simply "Fall" or "Winter".  When describing the show, a designer will also normally state the year.  For example, the designer may be showing the "Fall 2010 Collection" or "Fall/winter 2010 Collection".

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