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It is very important to the apparel, footwear & textile industry to understanding what is trendy now and what is trending for the future.

In an industry driven by trends and constant change, it's vital for designers and manufacturers to remain ahead of the trend curve. Within the last few years, we've seen an emergence of "fast fashion" from trend-conscious retail chains such as H&M and Zara. This new concept, which has created even more demand for cutting-edge styles and must-have color palettes, has shortened production cycles as well.

Apparel Search recognizes the significance of remaining ahead of the trend curve. We believe in the power of trend forecasting services such as Fashion Snoops, an online forecasting and consulting service based in New York City. These trend-scouting experts, which have fashion snoops located in various cities around the globe, can predict what key concepts tomorrow's consumers will be buying into.

Although color and style are key factors in predicting what will happen in seasons to come, it's also important to look at the big picture—the overall concepts that will impact lifestyles. Unlike marketing-driven statements such as "brown is the new black," these trends tend to play a more significant role in driving product innovation.

One of the key concepts impacting fashion and other areas of design is the "green" trend. What started as a marketing push toward "organic" and "natural" has blossomed into a major phenomenon that shows no signs of slowing. According to Fashion Snoops, yesterday's green initiatives were informational, but that concept has now evolved into a solution stage. Both manufacturers and consumers are taking action.

Today's consumer is highly informed and makes purchasing decisions based on a variety of factors, including environmental impact, ethics, and charity/goodwill. Take Mya lingerie's eco-conscious collection, which is made from white pine tree prunings. Mya also supports local interests. The collection is made in a small village in France rather than in a factory in China. Another fashion label, Ecoist offers stylish handbags that are made from recycled, organic, or earth-friendly materials. In addition, these are manufactured through Ecoist's network of fair trade partnerships around the world.

Healthy living is another key concept that Fashion Snoops predicts will continue to drive product innovations. The marketing of bottled water is still gaining momentum, in fact Vitamin Water recently opened a London-based store that prominently displays its brightly colored drinks. Y Water is another example. This organic, nutrient-rich, low calorie drink targets children and has specific formulas for strengthening muscles, bones, the immune system, and brain. As we move forward, nutrition will continue to influence the beauty and skincare markets as well.

Despite a soft economy, excessive luxury also continues to influence product launches and lifestyles. Exclusive "members only" shopping clubs such as Paris-based vente-privee are emerging, enabling shoppers to gain entry to high-end sample sales that sell everything from apparel to jewelry and electronics. Gilt Groupe is a pioneer in the U.S. market. Once outfitted, this elite group can jet over to Dubai for indoor skiing or to spend a night at the Crescent Hydropolis, an underwater hotel.

Key concepts such as these will undoubtedly drive tomorrow's product innovations. With the guidance of a trend forecasting service, fashion industry insiders can remain ahead of the trend curve and gain a better understanding of what consumers will want as we move forward.

By Regina Cooper

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Trend forecasting services can help designers stay ahead of the trend curve, guiding them to produce apparel and accessories that resonate with emerging lifestyle concepts.

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