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Do you have powerful or compelling emotion or feeling of love toward clothing?  If yes, you may actually have a true passion for fashion.  

Please do not be alarmed...  The passion for fashion is not a disease.  However, it can most certainly become dangerous if not carefully watched.  Most people can maintain a very comfortable and productive lifestyle while at the same time, carefully managing their passion for fashion.  But please beware of the hidden dangers and warning signs.  If not managed properly your seemingly innocent desire for fashion and style, may lead you down a long and costly path.  Unfortunately, shopping for clothing is legal in most parts of the world.  This fact spells danger for fashionistas who have an excessive desire for all things fashionable.

If you are concerned that your passion has been going to far, please ask yourself a few simple questions:

Do you buy a new article of clothing at least once every month? (If you buy clothing once a week or once a day, please skip this section, you are definitely addicted to fashion and should seek help immediately)

Do I prefer viewing fashion online then speaking with your significant other?

When dreaming of winning the lottery, does your fantasy consist of the fact that one of the first things you plan to do with your winnings is to purchase a new wardrobe?

Do you feel compelled to finish reading your fashion magazine before you feel compelled to provide food to your children for dinner? (With the understanding, you are not starving your kids, but maybe only delaying the meal a bit...)

If you are not already a famous fashion designer, do you think that you will be some day?

When you were a child and you received from Santa Claus a sweater instead of a toy, were you actually happy?

If you were expecting your loved one to propose marriage to you at dinner, but you learned of a sample sale from your favorite designer being held that same night, would you cancel your dinner date?

If you have said yes to any of the above questions, you do have reason to believe that you have a passion for fashion.

If you are concerned that you may have an obsessive passion for fashion, please do not be alarmed.  You are not alone...  If you wish to consult others with a similar addiction, you can introduce yourself to other addicts at the fashion industry network

Please understand that it is not a bad thing to have a strong love or desire to hold draping garments in your passionate hands.  Holding every stitch with boundless enthusiasm is not necessarily a reason to be ashamed.  Having a passion for fashion is a healthy obsession.

According to Apparel Search, you should always maintain and enthusiastic devotion to fashion.  Buy it, design it, or simply look at it.  Either way, make sure you enjoy it.

Written by ML at Apparel Search April 27, 2008

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