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What is fashion television?  Is it fashion that you can watch on the TV?  Or is it something more...

A large segment of the population has the old television sets that take up a huge amount of space and weighs a ton.  The sleek, light weight, and high definition flat screen tv's are being adopted on a daily bases and are now becoming the norm.   Regardless of the type of box we watch, the important thing is that we have a method to view "fashion".   Obviously, it is optimal to watch in high def, but if you can only watch this seasons fashion week on your old box, please do not hesitate to do so.  Even if it is a bit blurred, a blurry glimpse at fashion is better then no fashion at all.  The bottom line is, if you can receive a fashion channel you are in good shape. 

Who do we thank for the opportunity to watch fashion on our televisions?  Granted, we have had a glimpse of fashion on television from the moment television was launched.  The reality is that the simple fact of bringing people into our living rooms via television helped display fashion trends to the world.  Even if the programs sole purpose was not fashion, the tv brought us fashion none the less.  In regard to a full time 24 hour a day fashion channel, I think that we may have to thank a company called Fashion Television (also referenced as FTV).

Thanks to industry leaders such as FTV, many of us are fortunate enough to view fabulous fashion reporting directly in our living rooms around the clock.  I think that we can all agree that watching runway shows in our home is a wonderful privilege.  If you can not attend fashion week, what better way to learn about the designers and events?  Well, actually after the fashion channels hit the television networks, didn't we learn of a new way to view fashion.  Aah, yes, the internet...

Traditionally, when one thinks of television we think of the set top boxes that we viewed for hours on end in our parents living room.  However, today the idea of television may be something more.  In modern times we are watching more and more fashion relevant programming on desk top computers, lap tops, handheld devices, etc.  Isn't it amazing?  We can watch fashion week on our phones...  When we think of fashion television, should we only conceder fashion programming that is viewed on an actual television set?  Or is Fashion TV now a much broader animal.

The concept of fashion television extends past fashion that is watched on actual televisions.  In my opinion, fashion television is fashion that can be viewed on any device.  When I think of television, I think of video feeds that broadcast to a place in which I wish to view the video.  This can be achieved on TV sets or we can watch fashion videos at websites such as, and countless other video websites.  Personally, I prefer the video sites that are dedicated to only showing fashion relevant video.  Although the others have specific fashion channels, I prefer the sites that only show fashion videos and fashion news programming.

Anyway, the next time you wish to watch fashion week or intereviews of your favorite fashion designers, turn to the fashion television channels and the fashion video websites.  Hopefully, you will find what you are looking for... fashion, style, and trends...


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