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If you enjoy writing apparel blogs or blogging about anything fashion related, you have found the proper place.  This directory will help you find the fashion blog that is right for you.  Have fun and enjoy writing about fashion or reading about fashion.

Stay in style, with the fashion blogs.

What is a fashion blog? It is a blog about fashion... Check out the Fashion Blog Definition

If you're sophisticated and chic and have a passion for fashion, style and beauty then reading the fashion blogs is for you. With a focus on fashion and lifestyle, as well as top brands and labels these fashionistas are always on the hunt for quality sales and designer bargains of stylish and sophisticated clothing, shoes, handbags, fragrances, jewelry, accessories and other must-have products.

Are you looking for a new topic to discuss on your blog?  Learn more about fashion shows.  They are great events to blog about.

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Please join us for discussion about fashion at the Fashion Industry Network.  From that site, you are welcome to add blog posts.  The fashion industry network is a business networking site.  Members of the network work in the clothing industry or textile industry, or have a very strong interest in style.  This site offers an area for forum posting and fashion blogging.  Fashion Industry Network Blog this link will take you to the blog section on the fashion industry network.  Each member of the network is welcome to contribute.  If you enjoy their message, view their profile to learn more about the author.  Many members also have their own blog sites as well.  You can find links to their sites from the members profile page.

You may also want to check out a fashion incubator or fashion association if you wish to meet other members of the fashion industry.

Below you will find many of the leading style relevant resources for your review:

Access Fashion is dedicated to knitting, crochet, needlework and other forms of handmade textiles in high fashion.  A place of elegance and class in cyberspace.  Authored by Jillian Rueter.

The Bag Blog handbags, bags, pocketbooks and purses.  This blog specializes in bags...

Benjamin Kanarek: Benjamin has been a Fashion Photographer for over 25 years and has consulted as a Creative Director for world-wide agencies and clients (France Telecom, Dim, Lancôme, Club Med.) and has won several citations including the Marie-Claire Gold Medal for best advertising of the year. Some of the magazines he has been published in include: L'Officiel Paris, Vogue Italy, Vogue Paris, Vogue Brasil, Dealer Deluxe, Oyster Magazine, Deutsch Magazine, Icon, Issue One, Tank, West East magazine.  More recently, he joined Internet forum discussions giving advice about photography techniques and philosophy to amateurs and semi-pro photographers and recently launched his own blog: about photography, fashion, beauty and the advertising image industry.

The Big Fashion Bible is more then just where to get great clothes, but the supporting blog offers you a glimpse of how we got to wearing what we wear today and how music is interwoven with fashion, are you a fashion trend setter or are you a fashion trend follower.

The Budget Fashionista blog geared at helping you save money when purchasing fashionable clothing

Chic Alert  Aimed at women, teen and girls, the Chic Alert is about all things chic: Apparel, Clothing, Shoes, Handbags, Sexy & Hot Lingerie, Jewelry, Fragrances, Makeup, Cosmetics & even chic gadgets & other must-have products from all over the world! Designer Sales & Hot fashion sales, GWPs, reviews & much more.

Chichi: your online guide to everyday Chic.  Fashionably tasteful blog.  Just have a bite.

Chic Inspector: A fashionista that is inspired by fashion and the industry that surrounds it.

Delight  is the place to find hundreds of online stores and boutiques. It's a shopping blog

Fashion Blog blog web site developed by Apparel Search for the clothing industry to give blogging a try.

Fashion Blogger this is another fashion blog from the Apparel Search team.

Fashion Flu is an online Fashion and Lifestyle magazine serving the latest in Fashion, Health, Astrology. The developers of Fashion Flu also own. StyleIkon is a celebrity gossip blog which feeds on Hollywood gossip and daily churns out the most rumored scandals.  They are not limited to cloths, shoes etc.  Anything and everything which is the latest fad will be posted on their web magazine.  If you feel like leaving a comment, feel free to do so as this would help form a better community of fashion junkies!  Now that you've read all the boring stuff, jump on to their main page and read the latest gossip.

Fashion Indie Offering the best in emerging fashion sales and events for the New York fashionista, Fashion Indie provides the fashion forward with the insight on new fashion trends. is a bi-monthly video blog merging technology and fashion.  If it's hip, if it's tech, its on

The Fashionator  fashion blog authored by Melissa Kagan for iVilliage.  Melissa Kagan a.k.a "The Fashionator, is a former sales executive for several major fashion houses and a self confessed shoe addict. She turned in her power suit (albeit very chic power suit) for the mighty pen several years ago to become the Beauty & Style Editor for iVillage.  And now she's putting on her cape (couture, of course) to fight fashion crime one trend at a time. Her mission? To rid the streets of toxic trends, designers gone wild and celebrity fashion victims forever. But she can't keep stylish women safe on her own. She needs women across the nation to report fashion felonies and makeup misdemeanors to her as well. So harness your hairdryer and join her plight to restore style to the streets.

The Fashion Rag: A fashion industry blog that attempts to stimulate discussions about the fashion, design and style industries in New York City and Los Angeles. It is geared towards fashion public relations, fashion design, stylists, fashion event planning professionals and those who simply love fashion.

Fashion Salad  A mix of everything fashion - a low calorie blog where you can toss ideas and news about models, textiles, magazines, designers, fashion week and more!  Do more than comment - fashionistas can post their own topics.

Fashiontribes Daily your very own fashion expert with all the dish & expert advise on fashion, beauty, lifestyle & pop culture.

Glam Media is one of the fastest growing women's fashion and entertainment web networks.  They have a network of independent fashion sites and own some of their own.

Go Fug Yourself very fashionably appealing fashion blog site.  Give it a try, we think you will like it.

Haute Mimi  Haute Mimi is a premier fashion weblog dedicated to all things fabulous. They strive to showcase only the latest and greatest from the fashion and beauty industries to readers worldwide. Their glamourous fashion editors are eager to share their knowledge and passion for fashion. They believe every woman has the right to be glamorous and they lead the way. They currently offer editorial work, designer & boutique profiles, shop-casts and tricks of the trade to name a few of their services. Haute Mimi is indeed a little more than fabulous!

Hilary - Blog Girls fashion blog from popular online fashion magazine for women.

Hot Cake Fashion Alice's Fashion Blog & Fashion News: Corsets from Alice Collection, a Fashion Designer with a Blog, daily updated with her easy to use Fashion Tips, what to wear and how to, get inspired and inspire, Welcome.

I am Fashion 

I Am Pretty NYC blog about beauty, fashion and makeup

The Iconic Fashion Blog: Labeled the new "Carrie Bradshaw" fashion blog, The Iconic Fashion Blog features international runway reviews, trend and style reports, celebrity and fashion gossip, and the hottest seats to fashion's ultimate parties...all of which, you can access. fashion blog written by Lisa Chau. e-mail:  

In my Bag fashion handbag blog from New York.

Jane Hamill: Jane's a former fashion designer who is now helping designers on the business side of things; helping them take their designs from idea to sales. Her blog has information on everything from time management to practical tips on getting your line into stores and increasing sales.

Jack and Hill  true beauty blog...

Kingsdown Roots: Kingsdown Roots is a UK based men's fashion blog featuring detailed reviews of high end luxury products and trends. Address: London

Kiss Me Stace Fashion and Shoes Blog Fashion Blog

A Lucky Life: the Lucky Life fashion blog is the official blog from Lucky Brand.

Michael 84 is a men's fashion and lifestyle blog, mainly focusing on streetwear and high street fashion for guys, written by myself from Newcastle in the UK.

My Fashion Life  Fashion Blog

North by Northwest is a monthly blog devoted to exploring the world of fashion and style. Read about the latest "Obsessions," the item that month that we just can't live without, the "Spendthrift," an item that is as stylish as it is affordable, "Treasure Hunts," which are antique and vintage finds, and the "It Girls," ladies who are inspiring us one outfit at a time. North By Northwest is sure to leave you wanting more!

The Oregonian: Vivian McInerny writes about fashion for The Oregonian, a daily newspaper in Portland. She's interviewed Oscar de la Renta, Diane von Furstenberg, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors and others. Her daily blog for the paper's web site offers short -- often quirky -- outtakes on regional and national trends and Fashion Week in New York. 

Organic Clothing: all about organic, natural and sustainable clothing and eco-fashion.

Pattern People: is a surface print studio specializing in forward-driven prints for fashion and interiors. Their blog is a way to share their research on print trends from the fashion runways, in interiors, or anywhere else that inspiration comes from.

Pink Mirage: shoe blog from the west coast of the United States.

Purse Blog: designer handbag blogs 

The Purse Page: is the most comprehensive designer handbag review site on the Internet.  They have thousands of original handbag reviews, with new additions daily.  They also have a message board with thousands of members can meet to chat about bags and fashion.

ShoeBlog: Shoe focused blog and forums for shoe lovers to discuss favorite designer shoe brands, give advice for the sole, share shoe trends, view user shoe collections, and find hot deals on shoes.  At Shoeblog, they have dedicate writers posting articles.  On Shoeforum, which is a community based subforum, any user who registers can post, contribute content and images.

Shopping Blog: reports on shopping trends and new fashionable products.

Spork Fashion: Everyday couture for everyday women. They feature and review the hottest designers of hi-lo fashion, and take pride in giving exposure to new, up-and-coming designers  Contact: Alyse e-mail: was started in early 2009 with the specific goal of helping women get the most out of their fashion and beauty budget. The "splurge and steal" philosophy behind all the advice on StealThisDress! is that women can look amazing AND stay within their budget when they know what products and garments they should and should not pay a lot for. The site regularly features product reviews, tips and suggestions for putting together affordable celebrity and couture-inspired outfits and budget-friendly "How To" guides.

Style Bubble: well written style blog from an interesting author.  Here is a bit about her interests to give you her flavor.  "Interests are overrated BUT since I have to occupy my oodles and oodles of time with some kind of activity I guess I have to say shopping for all the things that make me happy: 5 pound vintage dresses, macaroons from Laduree, NYLON magazine, Penguin Classics anniversary books, shoes with a good sturdy heel and shimmery make up. I like eating anything with red beans, garlic butter and nuts (not necessarily all at once). I like seeing films that have killer lines, killer gigs, art shows with killer paintings or artists with killer instincts and all things killer. Oh, and I like looking at the sea, because the sea likes looking back at me!!"

Textile Class: is about Textile articles and Resources. It contains textile articles and classes on Textile spinning, weaving, dyeing, printing, knitting, finishing, garments or apparel's machines, news and books.

The Style House Chronicles The Style House Chronicles is a fashion blog strictly for the fashion forward "it girl or guy" They feature upcoming fashion events, celebrity trends, style tips, exclusive interviews & much more

The Fashion Bomb Views and Reviews of sample sales, clothing trends, and shopping in New York city from the point of view of a label obsessed shopaholic. Features cameos and tips from professional fashion experts, stylists, and wardrobe consultants.

The It Lists  Helps busy women define their personal beauty, life & fashion style.  The must haves, it lists and trends (colors, styles, more) from the magazine pages, runways, and internet. Exciting community where in style isn't pretentious - just fun!

The Style Inquisitor: written by a newly-made fashion blogger and college Journalism student looking for a career in Magazine Editing.  Learn more about Ricardo Hernandez by visiting is Fashion Industry Network profile.  We think you will enjoy reading thoughts from this aspiring journalist and fashion enthusiast.

Vicious Style Fashion Blog

Wrist Fashion Wrist Watch Fashion Blog

Are you looking for fashionable celebrities to write about on your style blog?  If you are searching for fabulous movie stars or stylish musicians you can check out our new fashion celebrity guide.  You will find celebrity images, celebrity news, celebrity video and more.  Note: that section links to news, videos, photos that are not the property of Apparel Search.  You will need to contact each source directory for their copyright rules etc.

If you are a fashion blogger, you may wish to do some research on fashion designers.
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