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What is a fashion blog? Simply put, it is a blog about fashion.  A blog is a regularly updated website or web page written about a topic or group of topics.  They are typically run by an individual or small group, but can also be part of a larger business.  Style blogs are generally written in an informal or conversational way.  Because clothing trends and our sense of style are possibly best described visually, the top fashion blogs often have plenty of photographs & videos.  Describing outfits in text is important, but showing photographs of the shirts, pants, handbags, shoes, etc., is very helpful as well.

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Do you have to be beautiful to create a fabulous fashion blog? 

The answer is most definitely "no".  However, being "stylish" certainly matters.

A few fashion blog layouts for example:  

   Style Blog

   Fashion Salad 

   Blog About Fashion 

   Runway Fashion 

   Fashionista News

   Fashion Blogger

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