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Apparel Search Street FashionA street fashion blogger is a person that blogs about street fashion.  Yes, that is a rather simplistic explanation.  Well, I assume that by now you know what the word "blog" means.  And you most likely know what street fashion means.  Therefore, the concept of a Street Fashion Blogger should not leave you perplexed.

If you are not certain what I mean by "street fashion", I mean fashion trends that are born from individuals that may not necessarily work in the fashion industry.  They mix and match the clothing in their wardrobe to create interesting (and some times not very interesting) ensembles.  Some times if enough people start following a similar direction, it will turn into a full fledged "fashion trend".

Street bloggers will typically find inspiration for their blog from fashion trends that they witness in the streets.  In essence, "street fashion" is not developed exclusively by fashion designers.  However, fashion designers certainly borrow from street fashion when developing their own collections.  In all honesty, it is hard to say if design trickles up or trickles downs.  Some would say the designer starts the trends, and others would say the trends start from the streets and then move up to the fashion designers.  In reality, it is probably an equal mix between the two concepts.  I know.. You probably assumed that Apparel Search starts "all" fashion trends.  Well, fashion designers and consumers piecing together street fashion, may actually start the trends...

Street fashion is developed when fashionable people take bits and pieces from various stores and or collections and develop their own sense of style.  Or they may take a single item and wear it differently, to set the foundation for a trend.  The Street Fashion Blogger, keeps a careful watch so that they can catch a new fashion trend in it's early stages.  A good street fashion blogger, needs to have a sharp eye for fashion.  When they find something new or of interest, they will write a fashion blog post regarding the style they have witnessed.  The better bloggers, will snap a photo to capture the moment.  It is clearly very beneficial to have a photo when describing the street fashion that the blogger has viewed.  With a combination of text and imagery, the fashion blogger will explain to their viewers the fashion they have witnessed as well as their thoughts on the potential trend.

Street fashion bloggers will not only report on items they believe to be stylish.  They may also report regarding fashion disasters.

It is easy to become a street fashion blogger.  However, it is NOT easy to become a "good" street fashion blogger.

Street blogger tools:

Digital Camera

Sense of Style

Eye for Fashion

Learn about streetwear fashion styles.

Learn about street fashion.

Note: you do not have to be a professional fashion journalist or professional fashion photographer to be a fashion blogger.

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