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One way to make money with a fashion blog is to sell advertising space.  This obviously can be challenging for a small business owner (fashion blogger).  In all honesty, it is difficult to spend time writing about fashion and at the same time contacting potential clients for advertising.  Even here at Apparel Search, we have a method for apparel companies to advertise on Apparel Search, but we spend VERY little time actively seeking advertisers.

Rather then directly seek out advertisers, you can utilize other companies that have advertiser inventory and use a special code to place advertisements on your own website.  So far, the best program that I have found is the Google Adsense program.  If you look carefully, you will find some on this page...

We also use what is called in text advertising.  At this time we do not use this method on all of our pages, but we do use the method on some.  For fashion blogs, it is a pretty good method for placing ads.  There are a few services that provide in text advertising, but Apparel Search selected Kontera.

Another way to make money with a fashion blog is to use affiliate programs.  Truth is that I do not use affiliate programs to their full capacity.  I have been disappointed with them in the past when companies change their rules or switch from one program to another.  Each time they make a change, it potentially ruins the links previously created.  This results in dead links on the website if they are not properly maintained.  Again, I have not properly worked with this type of program.  I am certain they can be successful if used properly (maintained, tracked, updated, etc.).  You can read more about fashion affiliate programs if you are interested in doing so.

Recently, I found another interesting method for fashion blogs to earn revenue.  At this point I am not certain how beneficial the program is, but I think it should work well.  Even if it does not earn much revenue, it appears that the service will actually benefit web site viewers.  If it benefits viewers, I will consider it a success...

Anyway, the new method is to provide "local business listings" on your blog.  By simply adding a search engine, viewers can find local clothing suppliers, fashion boutiques, etc.  For example, if your blog post is regarding a shoe designer in Los Angeles, the reader can use the engine to search shoe stores in Los Angeles or other relevant topics.  Add Local Fashion to your fashion website.

   ◊ Earn Money with Superpages.com LocalServe(SM)

Note: The engine can be set to other sizes so that it fits nicely on your fashion blog.

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