How to Create a Fashion Blog
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How to Start a Fashion Blog

We hear that you are interested in starting your own fashion blog.  Is that true?  If it is, we have some very good news for you.  Fashion blogs are super trendy right now.  So, it is a great time for you to get started on your project.

Now that we know you are interested in blogging, we may as well explain that this post is not only about starting fashion blogs.  We are also going to provide you with a step by step guide to “properly” creating your fabulously trendy niche blog.

What is the first thing that you need to get started?

Trendy ShoesFirstly, you need a strong desire and even stronger work ethic to be successful.  Let's be honest.  Blogging about fashion is actually rather challenging work.  It is much more than simply being creative and style savvy.  You also must be diligent and consistent.  You can't simply write one fantastic article and expect a following to develop.  Those who are successful consistently write well thought out articles.  Just in case you are curious, the fashion blog niche is hugely crowed.  Although we do not know the exact number of blogs in existence, my guess is that it is quickly approaching a zillion (OK, I made up that statistic).  Anyway, it is fair to say that the niche is highly saturated and does not appear to be changing any time soon.  With that said, it is important to understand that you have to be willing to put in great effort if you wish to be successful.  The good news is that although the internet has tons of style blogs, the majority of them are, dare I say, “not so good”.

If you have the talent and the strong work ethic, you can blow all of those other ones away.  If you are not prepared to work hard, you may as well turn back now.

This leaves you with an opportunity to do something amazing and awesome and special but, like the paragraph header says, you need some guts. You are going to have to make this work by being smart and different. If you're not prepared to do that then you may as well stop right here.

Are you ready to venture forward?

Basic steps needed to start a fashion blog:

Selecting a domain name:  You need a darn catchy website address if you want to get a jump start on developing recognition.  Sure, you can survive with a not so great name, but the better the name the better your chances.  Sorry to say, many of the best domains are taken.  However, with your amazing creativity, we are sure you will come up with something clever.

Select a hosting company: the domain name is only the address for people to locate your blog.  It still needs to reside somewhere and a hosting plan is the key.  You can check with sites such as,, or simply search hosting companies on Google or Bing.   If you want to start a blog that will eventually become a business then you need to get your own domain name and web host.  We suggest you avoid the free services because you may not maintain full control and flexibility as you grow your business.  Sure, free sounds great at the beginning but you may have to suck it up and spend a little money to insure you don't hurt your long term objectives.  Why would you try to do that on a free blog host with some other company's name in it?  Make sure you own your domain and own the rights to not be tied down to the hosting company that offers a free service.

By the way, you can often purchase your domain name and host at the same company.

Select a blogging platform: It is possible to create your own system, but if you are not a super savvy tech genious I would strongly suggest that you utlize a pre-existing program.  You can find several very good ones by simply doing a Google search.  Two of our current favorites are WordPress and Blogger.  You can also find ways to blog on sites such as the Fashion Industry Network by using the blog feature.  However, if you may be best off with Word Press for your primary blog.

Start Posting: create incredible content and post it on your new blog.  Do the same tomorrow, the next day, and the day after.  Continue with writing daily until you are successful or give up.

Network and Promote: now you have a domain name, a hosting service, blogging platform, and excellent content.  Now you have to promote the heck out of your articles.  YOU NEED PEOPLE TO READ YOUR ARTICLES.  Be active on Facebook & the Fashion Industry Network, etc.

After you complete the steps above, you will be a rock star in the fashion world.  OK, that statement is false.  Even if you following the outline above, you still run the risk of complete failure.  The reality is that you are competing against a plethora of other resources.  HOWEVER, you can most definitely become extremely successful.  Wealth, fame, beauty, and all of your dreams are right around the corner.  Work hard and keep moving in the proper direction.

How can you start a fashion blog that is better than all the rest?

Put your face on the blog.  Market your blog as well as yourself.  As the author, you are a huge part of your blog.  Develop yourself as the authority of the subject of fashion.

Put your story on each blog post.  Why are you writing this blog?  Why should people listen to you?  Tell your audience why they should have interest in you and your writing.

Differentiate Your Brand (your blog name is your brand, and you are your brand).  Your brand is not just your logo, it is everything that you do or touch as it relates to your blog or the world of fashion. It's everything that people think about you. Make certain your logo, your name, page design and style is all connect and all works together to make your blog different and perfect.

Take some risks: do you dislike a particular brand or designer.  Even though the rest of the world appears to adore them, don't be afraid to tell the work that you think they are horrible (if that is truly what you think).  Voice “your” opinions.

Talk about things that matter to you.  Do NOT simply be just like everyone else.  Don't be a blogger that simply regurgitates crap that others have already stated.

Note: do NOT start your clothing blog on Tumblr or some other similar service.  It is really best to own your own name and host it on your own server if possible.  This will be beneficial in the long run.  You may want to look into a WordPress blog like many of the other leading sites.

Style is EverythingHow do I find good content for my blog?

Don't look for good content.  Create it!  Think of problems and then work toward developing solutions.  For example, I thought it would be helpful to people to know how to start a fashion blog.  Hence, I started writing this post you are currently reading.  Some of the best content solves problems.   Best places to shop for clothing, how to become a fashion designer, how to create a resume, etc.

How do search engines find my blog?

Search Engine Optimization is annoying in my opinion, but it is a vital part making sure your site is not overlooked by search engines.  Fashion SEO helps you craft good content helps you get noticed by both humans and by algorithms from search engines.

We hope that you have find this information to be helpful.  If you do, please share a link to this article from your new fashion blog or social media.

On Apparel Search you can find a nice list of fashion blogs that you may wish to review.  You can see what they do well and possibly areas for improvement.


Who writes the best fashion blog?  Well, if you read that article, does that mean the author who wrote it is the best.  Although poorly written, it got "your" attention.

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