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NOTE: we currently are not using the Kontera advertising system actively on our website.  However, we are leaving this page available for your review incase we accidentally left the code on any of our pages. 

Below is for historical reference or just in case we decide to add the links back on the site at a later time.

We have previously added a new advertising method that places text link advertisements directly into the body of our pages. For example, if we have the word "dress" on our site and a sponsor would like for you to learn about the dresses that they offer, the word dress may turn into an advertisement link. The way you will be able to tell if it is an advertisement (rather then one of our normal links) is that you will see the link has "two" underlines. The majority of viewers should find this system helpful.  In theory, it will allow you to locate companies that are offering the products or services that you are searching for on the particular page that you are reading.  However, some viewers may find these ads to be a distraction.  As always, our goal is to please all of our viewers and not only some of the viewers.  The good news, is that their is a way to opt out of the ads.  However, if you either enjoy the links, or simply do not care either way about the links we prefer that you leave them in place.  If you absolutely dislike the links, you can remove them by following the steps below.

If a viewer doesn't like the ContentLinks, he or she may choose to opt-out of viewing them by clicking on the ? in the top right corner of any ContentLink.  Clicking on the ? will take the user to a page at Kontera that explains what ContentLinks are and provides the choice to opt-out.  It's very simple and will keep everyone happy.

If you own or manage a website and would like to earn revenue by placing advertisements on your website, this system is very simple.  If you are interested, you can fill out the form at Kontera and they will reply to you with all the details that you need to know to get started earning money.

Learn more about In Text Advertising from Kontera.

Earn money by placing advertisements on your fashion website.

Learn about viral marketing and social bookmarking for the fashion industry.

Kontera Advertising Review by Apparel Search

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