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Fashion Disaster Traits 

Fashion Disaster Causes

What is a fashion disaster?  Fortunately, it is not nearly as awful as a tsunami, volcanic eruption, nor an earth quake.  However, a fashion disaster does provide a similar nauseating feeling in the pit of ones stomach.  Have you ever been walking around town minding your own business and you accidentally witnessed an absolutely hideous outfit?  Have you seen a fashion celebrity on the red carpet, and you felt a sudden urge to regurgitate on your own shoes.   Well, this sort of traumatic event in your life would most likely be considered an official fashion disaster. 

Traits of a Fashion Disaster:

They can occur at any time and without notice. 

They are very common.

The person that creates the disaster is NOT the only person effected by the devastation.

The culprit is not always aware that the disaster has occurred.

Witnessing an event of this nature has long lasting negative effects.

Prolonged exposure may lead to bleeding from your ears, nose, and middle finger.

Brief exposure may lead to dizziness and nausea.

Excuses for causing a Fashion Disasters:

Being drunk (NOT valid excuse)

Dressing in the dark (partially valid excuse)

Seeking Attention on the Runway (NOT valid excuse)

Seeking Attention if you are a teenager (partially valid excuse)

Movie Star on the Red Carpet being dressed by others (NOT a valid excuse)

You are color blind (partially valid excuse)

You are 100% Blind (Valid excuse)

You are truly ignorant (partially Valid excuse)

You are over 70 (NOT valid excuse)


Note: If you are a movie star and your stylist dresses you funny, that is your own fault.  Wise up and get a new stylist.  You can find plenty of good ones in the wardrobe stylist group at the Fashion Industry Network.


Please note that if you or a loved one has been mentally scarred by a fashion disaster, do not hesitate to seek counseling.  Their are stylish professionals that may be able to help.  Do not try to deal with this issue on your own.  We understand that it was not your intention to witness a fashion disaster.  However, now that you are stuck with the image in your head, you better do what you can to get it out.  We understand that it will not be easy, but you truly must try.


If you are concerned that you may personally be causing a fashion disaster, please seek assistance immediately.  You can consult with a wardrobe stylist or visit an image consultant.  Do not be at all ashamed.  If you do not admit that you have a problem, you certainly can not resolve the problem.  Please... Do the world a favor.  Seek assistance immediately.  If you are creating fashion disasters, you are not only hurting yourself.


And yes, I am not only the founder of the Fashion Disaster Relief Organization, I am a member... (by the way, FDRO also stands for Fashionistas Dislike Ridiculous Outfits).

Note: The Fashion Disaster Relief Organization is just something that I made up... No, you can not join.  If you are looking to join an organization or association, you can check the fashion associations section here on Apparel Search.


Who do you call when you feel that you are experiencing a fashion disaster?  We suggest you contact the fashion police.  The fashion police can possibly restore a sense of order to the situation.

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If you witness a fashion disaster, you may wish to call the fashion police.


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