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About Face Image Consulting Inc. (AFIC) [Canada]: Deborah Reynolds is the founder and owner of About Face Image Consulting Inc. An Image Consultant and Professional Makeup Artist with over thirteen years of experience working primarily with business women and men in the corporate world, Deborah helps to redefine the image of individuals and companies, giving them a competitive edge in the marketplace.  As a speaker and trainer, Deborah specializes in coaching individuals, small business owners and corporate staff on image, particularly those experiencing downsizing and career transition.

Association of Image Consultants International (AICI): With chapters in Asia, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Australia and the United States, the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) is a world-wide, non-profit professional association of men and women specializing in visual appearance, and verbal and non-verbal communication. Our members counsel both individual and corporate clients on appearance, behavior and communication skills to help achieve their specific goals with authenticity, credibility and confidence. AICI is an international community that provides a challenging and inspiring environment for business growth and development. It is dedicated to advancing the level of professionalism and enhancing the recognition of image consultants worldwide.

The Australian Image Company (TAIC) [Australia]: TAIC is owned and managed by Ann & Ron Reinten.  As one of Australia's most respected image professionals, Ann gives advice to thousands of men and women each year via seminars, interviews and as an image feature writer for various magazines. Having worked as an image professional for many years, and after holding an executive position in a recognized image company, Ann has realized her ambition to update and expand on existing image improvement concepts using the latest computer technology.

The Style Core / Body Beautiful: Carla Mathis has been changing lives one body at a time for 30 years through her work as an Image Consultant & Personal Stylist. Her book, The Triumph of Individual Style, is taught at leading design schools around the country, and her training courses are widely attended throughout the world. Whether you are interested in improving your individual style, or in building a career as an Image Professional.  Carla is one of six certified Color Image Masters worldwide, She is a respected educator and mentor in the image industry and received the AICI IMMIE award for Inspiration and Excellence in the image field. She is a member of AICI (Association of Image Consultants International).

Growing More Beautiful  Growing More Beautiful offers image consulting services including color analysis, wardrobe consulting, personal shopping, photo styling and custom make-up. Serving Petaluma, Sonoma County, and surrounding Northern California areas Author, image consultant, artist and colorist Jennifer Robin is passionate about color and self-expression.  The Clothe Your Spirit Process always begins with color. It is the foundation for all further explorations into expressing your spirit. Your colors are more than little swatches to carry around with you and match to clothing. Color "palettes" are an "in color" fingerprint of you and your energy. No two are alike. How your spirit expresses itself in color is the first step in understanding how you reflect your essence in your appearance.

color Me Beautiful Image Consultants: As the largest Image Consultancy in Europe they offer advice on all aspects of personal image, including fashion advice, color analysis, style consultations and make-up lessons.  They have over 250 image consultants located throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. Address: 66 The Business Centre 15-17 Ingate Place London SW8 3NS England Telephone: 44 (0)207 627 5211 Fax: 44 (0)207 627 5680 Email:  Contact: Chris Scarles

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Elena Castaneda - New York Image Consultant : Elena Castaneda is a graduate of the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City with a degree in fashion buying and merchandising. Observing that there was a niche to be filled, she opened New York Image Consultant Company as a resource for individuals and celebrities seeking help with their personal image and style. She travels nationwide image consulting and as a motivational speaker for corporations, organizations and colleges on a number of topics such as "Dressing Appropriately At Work", "What Not to Wear", and "Business casual".

Ellen York Image Institute: Ellen York Image Institute is dedicated to helping businesses, sports teams and private clients learn important social skills such as: Image Development & Wardrobe Table Etiquette & Social Graces Presentation Skills & Public Speaking.  Ellen York, president and CEO of Seattle-based Image Institute, is a nationally recognized image professional. In her dynamic workshops around the country, Ellen draws on her achievements as a dress designer, business entrepreneur, educator and musician to deliver a powerful message.

Fashion Feng Shui International is an environmentally aware and community-minded company that offers accredited professional training, consultations, presentations, seminars and products based on the groundbreaking concept of Fashion Feng Shui.  An international network of holistic practitioners counseling men and women how to transform their lives by enhancing their personal appearance and synchronizing their spirit, style, and personal and professional surroundings. Focusing on the women who wear clothes rather than the people who design them, has grown by leaps and bounds since its November 2000 launch. In addition to a monthly fashion column in Show Me The Ozarks, a regional magazine published in Joplin, Missouri, Diana Pemberton-Sikes has been featured in several print magazines, including Women's World, Weight Watchers, and The American Bar Association, on, and in numerous fashion and beauty ezines all over the web.

Federation of Image Professionals International FIPI FIPI Group is a non-profit professional organisation setting high standards for the image and style industry.  FIPI's Accredited Training Providers offer their training according to these high standards. FIPI's members specialise in image consultancy, image coaching, personal styling, personal and corporate branding and communications. Set up in 1988 by a board of directors, FIPI is very proud to provide the public and its members with a framework for excellence in training and service standards. FIPI also offers its members support along with the opportunity for further training. FIPI's members love being part of its vibrant and passionate image, styling and fashion community.

Five Star Face, Inc.: Five Star Face, Inc. is an all encompassing image consulting and makeup artistry studio. They blend all aspects of fashion into one cohesive unit.  Additional services include skin care, beauty tips, wardrobe planning, consultations on the latest fashion trends, and travel, dating and style advice. Their beauty products used provide the perfect touches for your customized image. Their forte is blending every aspect of fashion into one stunning image. They skillfully weave makeup artistry, hair styling, image consulting, wardrobe analysis, personal shopping, photography, and more to give you a seamless image. Their services are coupled with high-quality beauty products and are administered in a relaxing, comfortable environment. Address 3710 Lone Tree Way, #249, Antioch, CA 94509 Phone 1-866-503-0142 Fax 925-755-2486 E-mail  Contact: Sandra W. Harrison

Gillian Armour Image Consultants Gillian Armour provides hands-on image and style consulting. They understand that fashion can be frustrating and confusing.  If you can't quite figure out what to wear, how to wear it and why you should be wearing it then you need a personal consultant.  Just as you would hire a personal trainer to get you in great physical shape, or a dietician to help you with food issues, you would hire an image consultant to help you build self-esteem via your appearance. So many women (and men) in this day and age are forsaking their fashion sense for the cookie cutter clothing that is called "casual".  Why would you go there? Pick it up a notch, put your best foot (or, shoe) forward and dress to the nines.   They guarantee that you will feel much better about yourself!  Visit their newly madeover website for all the deets.  Address - Gillian Armour Image Consultants PO Box 5218 Santa Fe, NM. 87502-5218  E-mail -  Contact:  Gillian Armour

Images By Magoe, Inc.: Magoe Johnson assists both males and females from all ages and various backgrounds, in updating their dressing, social, communication and dining image for their personal and professional lives. Her firm delivers group presentations and seminars empowering individuals that when their opportunity arrives, the way they look and the manner in which they present themselves communicate professionalism and confidence. Magoe's personal mission is to give each client the personal attention needed and she accomplishes this by designing image enhancement programs that fit each individual's lifestyle, body type and budget. She is a certified image consultant with the National Association of Image Consultants International.  PO Box 7181 Houston, Texas 77248 Tel: 713-822-5580 International: 010-6768-6041 Email:

My Image Expert: My Image Experts offers a variety of services including, personal shopper, wardrobe analysis, style tips, fashion advice, make-up tips, women makeovers, men makeovers, and custom made clothing. Their fashion and beauty experts help you decide what to wear by providing personal style advice and teaching you what works for your body structure, skin tones, facial features, and lifestyle. Their image consultants will help you organize your closet and create new outfits.  Address: 440 W34th St. New York, NY phone (212)537-9285 fax e-mail  

OPTIMUM International Center for Image Management  : Evangelia Souris is the President and Founder of OPTIMUM International Center for Image Management the city of Boston's only full scale Image Consulting Firms staffed by Certified Image Consultants. It's renowned substantive and professional approach to outer and behavioral image is best illustrated by an exclusive portfolio of clients in Boston, NY, London, Paris, Switzerland and Greece. She holds extra specialties in business and social etiquette, political image (clients include foreign heads of state and domestic elected leaders), international protocol, communication and branding, executive and professional image, career and image, illness and image, wardrobe/ personal shopping and makeovers for men and women. Evangelia Souris is an award winning prominent speaker and influencer in the field of professional and political image, fashion and style. She is a keynote speaker and seminar/workshop leader and trainer. She is an author, feature writer, personal and executive image coach, media spokesperson, media /public appearance/ political and celebrity image strategist and jury selection image consultant. Her practiced grasp of image strategies in organizational and professional settings, fashion trends for men and women, fashion style and makeovers have been viewed by Public Television, Political Campaigns, CBS news, Lawyers Weekly USA, The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, Elle, Details magazine. Evangelia has been a Board member of the New England Chapter of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) and is currently serving on the AICI's International Board as Media Committee Member, a Media Contact and a Liaison Contact . Evangelia Souris, is the City of Boston's sole Certified Image Professional from the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). This certification requires demonstration of many facets of image consulting. AICI requires candidates to present a portfolio of their work and achievements detailing their knowledge of image and their educational skills in their area of expertise to a reviewing committee. Other areas that are included for review are: Business Development, Consulting and Coaching, Program Development, Product Authorship or Production, Media Exposure, Public Speaking, AICI Leadership and Philanthropy. There are many image consultants, but only 104 world wide who have received this status. Address: 60 Gibson St, Suite 103, Boston Ma 02122 Phone: 617 436 4848 Fax: 617 436 0069 Email:  Contact: Evangelia D. Souris

Personal Impact Image Management  Kimberly Law, AICI CIP is a Personal Image Advisor and principal of Personal Impact International founded in 1999. She works with individuals and businesses in all areas related to personal appearance and behavior. In other words
she shows you how to look and act your very best! She was the first in Western Canada to receive international recognition as a Certified Image Professional (CIP) through the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) and has been featured as an image expert across Canada through the media.  e-mail:  

Polished Social Image Consultants: began many years ago while Samantha von Sperling was at a performance rehearsal. During that time, she realized she wanted to start a company that could offer services to others, which would provide them with the skills and enjoyment she found in the arts. Four years ago, Polished Social Image Consultants was incorporated in Boston. Today, Polished Social Image Consultants is Boston's only full scale image consulting firm that specializes in total image improvement by offering a cache of services. They have a unique approach to lifestyle enhancement by combining classic know-how and modern perspective. The personal needs of their clients are met with sensitivity and an emphasis on individuality. They utilize their professional training and innovative techniques when consulting with clients in order to enhance the positive attributes that already exist within each individual. Their personalized approach ensures the utmost discretion and comfort, and focuses on making lasting lifestyle changes as opposed to quick fixes.

Rothschild Image  : A total or partial fashion makeover is a dazzling and unique gift to give or receive, from a new hair do to revamping your wardrobe with the international fashion guru and consultant to the stars, Ashley Rothschild! Her enthusiasm is contagious and her advice infectious. Join renowned fashion consultant and image-maker to the stars Ashley Rothschild for an exciting one day seminar that will launch your image through the roof! Ashley will show you through group exercises, lectures, wardrobe, hair and makeup make-overs, how to discover the key components of a winning image. For the past eighteen years she has specialized in designing the images for power brokers, politicians, entrepreneurs as well as clients who are at the beginning of their careers.

Sheila's Fashion Sense  : The Image Makeover Ebook is all you need to learn the secrets that stylists and all well-dressed women know. The Image Makeover is designed to:

Total Image Consultants : Ginger Burr has built a remarkable career as an expert personal image consultant and makeup artist and has enhanced the presence of thousands of women. A notable speaker and leader in the field of fashion and style, Ginger's adroit understanding of beauty trends and fashion image has been celebrated by The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, Elegant Wedding Magazine, Fox TV News and WHDH Television's Chronicle. Ginger is the Past President of the New England Chapter of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) and has served on the AICI's International Board as the Vice President of Member Communications. Ginger is a past President of the Boston Wedding Group.

Image consultants offer fashion advice to people who ask for advice.

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