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Please join in the discussions about fabrics and textile fibers at the Textile Discussion Group section on the Fashion Industry Network.

fashion directory  ATC Technology Consultants :  ATC Technology Consultants (Private) Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of ATC Holdings dedicated to supplying innovative technological solutions to the Pakistani Textile Industry. With over 50 years of experience the Company has a strong brand and network of sales and service engineers to meet the diverse requirements of its clients ranging from BMR (Balancing Modernization and Replacement) solutions, new machinery, plant automation to green technologies.

fashion directory  CCFgroup.com:  Founded in 1997, CCFgroup is the first specialist consultancy for chemical fibers and textiles industry by website in China. The company has conducted consultation for many international well-known companies such as DuPont, Hyosung, Samsung, BP, Itochu etc. They are experienced to offer market analysis, forecast and research consultation on China chemical fiber and textile market. CCFgroup is the only company in China that provides integrated industry information covering from fibers to textiles..

fashion directory  Craamer Textile Consulting (Netherlands) Craamer Textile Consulting, President J.A. Craamer offers clients over 43 years of International experience in the Textile Industry.  They offer support for all pre-treatment, dyeing, printing, coating, finishing, inkjet and mechanical processes and have also extensive knowledge and experience in Research & Development They offer textile consulting in regard to all wet textile processes including the plasma-, nano-, inkjet-, and electro spinning technologies.  Address: Austria, Telephone +4366473769545  E-mail: jan@craamer.com Contact: Ing. Jan A. Craamer

fashion directory  Jayes & Jayes (India): They are a leading agent for many yarn dyed fabric manufacturers in India.  You can contact them regarding any type of yarn dyed fabric.  Salem, India  Phone: 91-0427-467174  Fax: 91-0427-467174   Email: saravananj@hotmail.com 

fashion directory  Vmarsh Textile Consultancy Services : Vmarsh was set up in Feb 2008 by textile professionals focused towards meeting the challenges of textile industry. In India, textiles the second largest employer next to agriculture has attracted new investments in the recent past due to government's policy's through Technology Upgradation Fund. In India, textile sector has been witnessing modernisation, expansions and international acquisitions, to cope with the changing needs of both domestic and international markets. This provides both opportunity and threat to industry. Vmarsh helps the industry to understand better, the textile business in an overall perspective to leave the competition behind.

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