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Maruyasu Yarn Consultant - Masayuki Komi As a Yarn Consultant, he enjoys helping my clients expand their imagination. One day, a client was explaining his best-selling knitted product, and he looked very happy. This was the day he decided that he would like to help Maruyasu yarn customers have fun with knitwear production. He switched his focus from selling yarns to creating the best yarns—yarns that help their clients envision a finished product even from a material swatch. His responsibility covers every type of yarn at Maruyasu.

Service Thread: they are a global leader in the design and development of industrial thread and engineered yarn. Proactive, personalized service is wound into everything they do. And their commitment to emerging technologies and cutting-edge tools empowers you to work smarter, faster and better.  They can consult you with your yarn needs.

Sug Consultants: they specialize in setting up man made filament spinning plants of various grades like Polyester, Nylon, Polypropylene, motheryarn, Tyre Cord Yarn, Industrial Yarn plants and High Tenacity Yarn Plant both Brand New and second hand Plants. Besides these, they have been instrument in revival of various sick Textile units which were closed due to high cost of production or had technical flaw.

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