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Selecting a fashion licensing agency depends on various factors, including your brand's niche, goals, and target market. Licensing agencies typically specialize in different areas of fashion and offer various services, from brand management to product development and distribution. Here are some well-known fashion licensing agencies that have a strong reputation in the industry:

  • IMG Licensing: IMG is a global leader in sports, fashion, and media. They offer a wide range of services, including brand licensing, brand consulting, and fashion event management.
  • Global Brands Group: Global Brands Group is a leading brand licensing company with a portfolio of prominent fashion and lifestyle brands. They offer licensing services, product development, and distribution.
  • Authentic Brands Group (ABG): ABG manages a diverse portfolio of fashion and lifestyle brands, including celebrity brands like Marilyn Monroe and sports brands like Spyder. They focus on brand development, licensing, and marketing.
  • The Brand Liaison: This licensing agency specializes in fashion and lifestyle brands. They offer brand extension strategies, licensing management, and product development services.
  • Sequential Brands Group: Sequential Brands Group manages and licenses a portfolio of consumer brands in various sectors, including fashion, home, and active brands.
  • CPLG (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group): CPLG is a global licensing agency with a strong presence in the fashion and entertainment industries. They offer brand licensing, retail development, and merchandise distribution services.
  • WME/IMG: Now known as Endeavor, this agency offers a wide range of services, including licensing, talent representation, and event management, making it suitable for fashion brands looking to expand their reach.
  • Beanstalk: Beanstalk is a global brand licensing agency with expertise in various sectors, including fashion and lifestyle. They offer brand extension strategies, licensing management, and retail development.
  • LMCA: LMCA specializes in brand licensing and intellectual property management. They work with fashion brands to expand their presence through licensing partnerships.
  • The Licensing Company: This agency offers brand licensing services across multiple industries, including fashion, design, and entertainment.
  • Brandgenuity: Brandgenuity focuses on licensing and brand extension strategies, with experience in fashion, lifestyle, and consumer goods.
  • Bioworld Merchandising: Bioworld specializes in licensed apparel and accessories. They work with a wide range of fashion and entertainment brands to create and distribute licensed products.
  • Stone America Licensing: Stone America focuses on licensing properties in various sectors, including fashion and lifestyle brands.

It's essential to research and evaluate each licensing agency's track record, areas of expertise, and client portfolio to determine which one aligns best with your brand's needs and goals. Additionally, consider seeking referrals or consulting with industry professionals to get insights into the agency that may be the best fit for your fashion brand.

fashion directory  Beanstalk Group: The Beanstalk Group is one of the world's leading brand licensing agency and consultancy. Beanstalk helps its clients license their famous trademarks, copyrights and images to enhance the value of their brands and to create new revenue streams.  More than two decades ago, Beanstalk's founders pioneered the use of licensing as a vehicle for communicating brand value, boosting brand awareness, and promoting the long-term viability of a brand. They believe in the power of brands and in unlocking their full potential. Their disciplined licensing process, which includes strategic planning, rigorous due diligence, product development, retailer coordination, and ongoing program management, helps to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of licensing.

fashion directory  Building Q: is a full service licensing and marketing firm. They are experts at delivery and guiding their clients through the licensing process. They understand that your company may be exploring licensing as a tool to impact your current business. Building Q can help your company enter the licensing arena as a licensee. Address: 709 Stokes Road, Suite 200 Medford, New Jersey 08055 Phone 609 975 6040

fashion directory  CMG Worldwide / List of Properties: Based in Indianapolis, Indiana with a second office in Hollywood, California, CMG Worldwide secured its position during the 1970s as the premier company for representing the families and estates of deceased celebrities. Today, CMG Worldwide represents over 200 diverse personalities and corporate clients in the sports, entertainment, and music fields.  CMG Worldwide clients include sports legends such as Babe Ruth, Vince Lombardi, Jackie Robinson, Florence Griffith Joyner, Joe Louis, Lou Gehrig, Jesse Owens, and Jim Thorpe, with the rest of the sports roster running the spectrum of retired sports greats like Jim Palmer, Pete Rose, Whitey Ford, and Johnny Unitas to some of today's current professional athletes including Bill Elliott. Entertainment clients include the families of legends such as Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Ingrid Bergman, Bette Davis, Sophia Loren, Rock Hudson, Bettie Page and Lana Turner. In addition, CMG represents many internationally acclaimed musicians including Duke Ellington, Chuck Berry, Billie Holiday, Hank Williams, Sr., Don McLean, and Buddy Holly, and prestigious corporate accounts like I Love New York. Historical clients include the late civil rights leader Malcolm X, Amelia Earhart, Lee Strasberg, Mark Twain, and legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

fashion directory  Equity Management Inc.: (EMI): EMI offers one of the largest full-time, in-house sales force in the industry. These professionals have the highest degree of motivation to develop, sell, and bring to market successful, long-term licensed businesses. EMI's product experience spans over 170 unique product categories. This expertise is employed on your behalf to generate the best licenses with the strongest licensees. Furthermore, their foundational economic model is designed to motivate EMI to invest in your licensing program for the long-term benefit of your brand and your company.  Address: 4365 Executive Drive Suite 1000 San Diego, CA 92121  Phone # 858 558 2500 Contact: Marlene Cuesta  e-mail:

fashion directory  Fashion Licensing of America Inc.: Fashion Licensing of America is the exclusive licensing agent for the estate of Ernest Hemmingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

fashion directory  HIG Licensing: they have over 40 years combined experience in this industry and they value our relationships with their clients. They take a personal interest in every company they represent. They make sure that all of their clients receive the best possible service, and that the licenses they receive are the ones which they need.

fashion directory  H-W Brands:  By taking advantage of HW-Brands' brand licensing services, you can rest assure that your business may boom and be more profitable in just a short time. They have a wide array of names to choose from so you can pick the one that best suits the products that you offer. You need a name to have an edge against your competitors. But not just any name. In order to be patronized by your target, you need a brand name or better yet, fashion brands. Instead of starting from scratch, let them assist you with brand licensing.

fashion directory  Iconix: owns, licenses and markets a growing portfolio of consumer brands including CANDIE'S (R), BONGO (R), BADGLEY MISCHKA (R), JOE BOXER (R) RAMPAGE (R) MUDD (R), LONDON FOG (R), MOSSIMO (R) OCEAN PACIFIC(R), DANSKIN (R) ROCA WEAR(R), CANNON (R), ROYAL VELVET (R), FIELDCREST (R), CHARISMA (R), STARTER (R) and WAVERLY (R). In addition, Iconix owns an interest in the ARTFUL DODGER (R), ED HARDY (R), ECKO (R), MARC ECKO (R), ZOO YORK (R), MATERIAL GIRL(TM) and PEANUTS (R) brands. The Company licenses its brands to a network of leading retailers and manufacturers that touch every major segment of retail distribution from the luxury market to the mass market in both the U.S. and worldwide. Through its in-house business development, merchandising, advertising and public relations departments Iconix manages its brands to drive greater consumer awareness and equity.

fashion directory  Joan Hansen : The Hansen organization is highly qualified, dedicated and has an enviable record of performance. Hansen has structured and innovated many licensing arrangements.  Hansen, by its participations and position, is current on the thinking, attitudes and actions of licensors, licensees, retailers and consumers.  Hansen is involved in the major diversified aspects of licensing and has had dealings and contacts with the major licensors and licensees in most of the product categories.  Equally effective are the unique, comprehensive, individualized solicitations and/or presentations which are directed to preselected, screened potentials identified by Hansen.  Hansen's ongoing extensive participation in markets and with products equips Hansen to monitor and evaluate licensees' qualitative and financial performances.  Hansen directs Licensors' attention to Licensees' activities and results, and suggests actions for the benefit of the Licensors and Licensees.

fashion directory  The Licensing Company: TLC is a new breed of licensing company, constantly evolving and nimble enough to provide an individualised service and personal relationships, but large enough to create and sustain global impact.  With offices in five of the world's top consumer markets, they are at the heart of what's happening.  They observe and understand market trends.  They are brand managers and are strategic thinkers.  They design product ranges, they have legal and financial support, they explore applications for technology, they are market makers, they are entrepreneurs, they work within most business sectors, their licensed products are in every home, they work with some of the world's most recognised brands, they are responsible for hundreds of thousands of products, with a retail value of many millions.

fashion directory  LicenZing LLC is a boutique consulting agency specializing in brand licensing, public relations and marketing. The agency offers clients a reliable resource for strategic brand and business development, as well as market and retail development. This focus combined with extensive experience and expertise allows LicenZing LLC to deliver meaningful results that will be seen in the bottom line. LicenZing LLC offers comprehensive, reliable and high-quality services that are an alternative to in-house resources for building brand equity through licensing, public relations, marketing, and effective retail distribution. LicenZing LLC offers a high level of practical experience, know-how, and strategic alliances. We are committed to the success of our clients and their extended programs and strive to provide the highest level of customer service and quality consulting within the licensing and marketing industries. 70 Mitchell Blvd. Suite 105 San Rafael, CA 94903 Phone: 415.507.1596 fax: 866.858.8575

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  • Public Relations (California)
  • Strategic Marketing Consultants

fashion directory  LMCA Brand Extension Strategists: LMCA specializes in building strategic brand extension licensing programs. Clients are largely major US and multinational consumer and commercial organizations, including American Dental Association, Arm & Hammer, Black Flag, Car and Driver, Easter Seals, Eastman Kodak, Eddie Bauer, Frigidaire, Heifer, Mack Truck, Melitta, Mensa, Metropolitan Home, Mott's, New York Philharmonic, Playtex, Red Wing, Road & Track, Roto-Rooter, San Diego Zoo, The 21 Club, United Airlines, Winchester and Westinghouse. The firm is 25 years old, has engineered more than 200 license agreements and manages more than $4 billion in licensed sales. LMCA's work ranges from program conceptualization through full development and implementation. The firm has exclusive rights to Mensa Process, which provides clients with ideation services by tapping into the brain-power of the world's top IQ's, Mensa members. LMCA has offices in New York, Atlanta, Boston, St. Louis and Shanghai, and has international experience in more than 160 foreign countries. LMCA, 156 West 56th St., Suite 1400, New York, NY 10019, Contact: Alan Kravetz, Executive Vice President, Tel. (978) 475-7616 email:  

fashion directory  Marketing On Femand LLC.: Marketing On Demand is a full-service Licensing agency.   They specialize on Strategic Alliances and Licensing.  Marketing On Demand will add value to your company through its licensing strategy Once viewed as simply a nice source of ancillary income, licensing has become crucial revenue streams for virtually every business.  The challenge is not to find partners and negotiate deals
it is to find the right partners and pursue the best deals.  Marketing on Demand's Strategic Alliance & Licensing Solutions offers the thorough, objective analysis that eliminates the need for guesswork about the true economic potential of licensing opportunities.   They identify, provide analysis, negotiate and deliver the right partner for your brand or company.  Address: 1333 Broadway, Suite 1018, New York,NY 10018 Phone: 212-244-5548 Fax:914-206-4126 E-mail:   Contact name Stu Seltzer, President

fashion directory  Perpetual Licensing  : Perpetual is a full-service brand licensing agency that specializes in building and managing strategic programs for well-known brands and category leading manufacturers. At Perpetual, they build profitable relationships between Brand Owners (Licensors) and Manufacturers (Licensees).  Their marketing programs extend desirable brands into new products, to new consumers, at new and existing retail channels. Their innovative ideas are based on market insights and rigorous analytic processes, and act as catalysts for building new businesses and revenue streams. These ideas create real, measurable, positive change for clients. Through years of experience, a large network of industry contacts, vast market knowledge, a proprietary and trademarked process, and their nimble size, they are uniquely positioned to help clients achieve their licensing objectives. Through collaborative relationships, Perpetual and their clients unlock additional value in brands. Perpetual Licensing Extending Desirable Brands.  Address: 12 East 86th Street Suite 634 New York, NY 10028 Phone: 212-585-2500 Fax: 212-585-2505 Email:  Contact: David Milch

fashion directory  Sequential Brands Group Inc: Sequential Brands Group, Inc. (Nasdaq:SQBG) owns, promotes, markets, and licenses a portfolio of consumer brands in the fashion, active, and lifestyle categories. Sequential seeks to ensure that its brands continue to thrive and grow by employing strong brand management, design and marketing teams. Sequential has licensed and intends to license its brands in a variety of consumer categories to retailers, wholesalers and distributors in the United States and around the world.

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